Analysis: Which countries deserved to go to the final and which didn’t?


This year Montenegro returned to the Eurovision Song Contest, which is unbelievable good news. RTCG internally selected Rambo Amadeus and Euro Neuro, but for the fourth time, Montenegro missed the final.

According to Rambo, this song contains a message and talks about the current situation at the Eurozone, and it refers to ‘Euro’ as an idea, not as the currency. The performance was in certain ways, something brand new for Eurovision, actually the song too, but anyway, going back to the performance, the most outstanding thing was the Trojan donkey, also we saw break dancers, not so new but rarely seen in Eurovision, in conclusion, it would have been nice to see Montenegro on the final for the second time, remember that the Serbo-montenegrin representatives of 2005 were from Montenegro.


Latvia has missed the final for four years in a row, since they sent Intars Busulis. This year, Anmary had more chances of qualifying than the last 3 contestants, but sadly missed the final. The song is catchy and depend of who are you, you can’t get this song out of your head easily, but sadly, the performance was kind of boring because the backing dancers didn’t dance as this song requires.

It is tragic that Anmary lost the final, she could have done well I guess.


Last year, Anna Rossinelli brought Switzerland back to the final since 2006, but came last in the final. Swiss hopefuls, Sinplus has very good chances of qualifying too, but the song has a really important detail: pronunciation, Gabriel doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘Stream’ which is a really important word in this song, also last night, he missed notes, in short, he could have done better.

We will miss Switzerland on Saturday 😦


Iris’ song is controversial, some people say that it’s boring, calm and Iris doesn’t knows how to sing well, but other people say that it’s fun, really nice and calm, that makes people smile etc… and after the rehearsals more people began to like the song, unfortunately they were not enough to take Iris to the final.

This is the 2nd year in a row that Belgium misses the final, let’s hope they come back in 2013 with a really good song and that they manage to qualify.


Finland sent the first song sung in Swedish in 12 years, maybe if Sweden was drawn on the first semifinal it would have helped, but anyway, the song was calm, with very deep emotions, happy and talks about the love between a child and his / her mom, actually represents Pernilla and her mother. The performance was also calm but really good, it matches with the song and what is it about.

Pernilla had medium chances of qualifying but didn’t qualified anyway, Finland PLEASE come back next year.


After Dana International, the only transsexual winner so far missed the final, IBA called for songs and made an internal selection ,the selected Izabo, they were confident that they would return to the final, but unfortunately they missed. The performance was really funny and some people  at Crystal Hall were dancing despite it wasn’t of the favorites to qualify.

In the end Izabo stayed on the semifinal, let’s hope Israel doesn’t withdraw.

San Marino: 

The tiniest country at the Eurovision as Nargiz said, sent a brand new song for the Eurovision, any other song prior to this talked about Social Networks or computing stuff. The song was the least favorite to qualify for the final, but Valentina and all her crew made such a big effort that they gave an incredibly good performance that actually deserved to qualify, sadly, votes were not enough and San Marino’s third appearance was failure. The 2 times I’ve seen San Marino live on stage, I have really enjoyed it, San Marino has something that this contest needs, I don’t know what, but I just know it, so please San Marino, come back next year!


After Austria’s successful comeback at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, ORF was satisfied and confirmed for a 2012 participation, they selected the group Trachshittaz, who were runner ups at the last year’s national final, but anyway, the way this song was performed divided people’s opinions, some say that it was sexist and that it only shows women as sexual objects for Man’s joy, other say that it’s just for fun and that it is something new for Eurovision, sadly that people wasn’t enough to take Austria to the final.

Austria, we know you are disappointed, but it is a contest, please come back next year! We would miss you if you withdraw!

What do you think about the 8 countries that stayed in the semifinals? Did they deserved it? Tell us Below!


13 comments on “Analysis: Which countries deserved to go to the final and which didn’t?

  1. OMG am still up and reading your analysis for the non qualifiers, very good! Now can you do the same for the qualifiers performances? Would be nice to know your thoughts. Cheers. 🙂

  2. Lovely analysis, although I think you worry a bit too much about countries withdrawing due to bad performances. Montenegro had always said it was a financial thing for them, and I’m inclined to believe it. As for some of the others, I can see why you would have your worries, but the only thing we can do is wait and see.

    I also would love to see your analysis of the finalists, and I look forward to it.

      • San Marino and Austria are the two I believe are most-likely to withdraw, although I still can’t help but wonder if “The Social Network Song” was a publicity stunt to gain exposure for next year. Austria has no excuse though. They can’t go boo-hooing every time they don’t make finals.

        Anyway, I understand your fear, although I really doubt that Montenegro would withdraw again unless they could not afford it in any way.

  3. I’m so sad for Switzerlaaand! 😦 😦 😦 And I hope that Austria, Montenegro and San Marino will not withdraw from the contest…! 😦

  4. Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland and Denmark should not have made it to the final, because they were all performed badly. The first 4 songs are just too bad and too badly sung to be rewarded the way they were. Switzerland, Belgium, Montenegro and Finland deserved to be in the final.

  5. I was rather underwhelmed by the whole evening. After all the hype abut the crystal hall, the important part for viewers (the stage), was of a fairly uninspiring design. The presenters had about as much personality as a wheelbarrow, with their plastic smiles and failed attempts at humour. The propaganda machine was in motion too, how many times was the host country mentioned and flashed on screen? (anyone see ‘Eurovision’s Dirty Secret’ on BBC1 on Monday? It seems that some at the EBU aren’t happy this year).

    I was pleased that Iceland and Hungary made it to the final. As much as I like the Albanian song, the presentation was very unappealing (what were they thinking?), but her voice didn’t disappoint. Finland should have qualified imo – the song is classy and the vocal was very strong – but I thought that it would probably get left behind, as yet again, trashy songs, poor vocals, gimmicks, glitz and particular countries prevailed. At least Austria and Montenegro didn’t make it to the final, but I won’t be surprised if Georgia does.

    • Neither will I, Daniel. Yes, the Finnish failure to qualify in an insult to good music. She did try to show some leg, but there was not enough glitter and gloss.

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