Analysis: Qualifying countries, Could the winner be here?


Iceland 2012, is among the favorites to take home the Eurovision trophy, in my opinion they deserve. After Yohanna, Iceland has achieved low results in the semifinal, but how it looks like, this year that is going to change. The performance was cold, dark, was serious was not as happy and colorful as Zaleilah or Aphrodisiac. The fact that the performance is like that goes well to the song, because according to Gréta Salomé who wrote and composed the song, this song talks about how much you can miss a person but in a tragic way, On conclusion, one of the best performances this year

Can’t wait to see them on Saturday!


This song is happy and cheerful, when Eleftheria was on stage a sang along, I like it very much, but about the performance there is one BIG detail, the choreography, I don’t mind if all the dancers make the same steps, but in this case it looks like they have a heart strike! Eleftheria can do better, the choreography could be better. But I’m satisfied they made it 🙂


This song is probably the most depressive song at the contest, but I must admit that I’m in love with Rona and her song, Rona is such a nice person, she is thankful, she’s real, she has showed us that you don’t need to look stunning at the stage just for winning votes, she was creative and used a weird (but good looking) dress, instead of a Coco Channel gown. I am really happy to see her on Saturday!

Also the performance is amazing, really hypnotizing and the fact that Rona is alone on stage makes it better and better, also another important thing that I must say, is that not only songs like Aphrodisiac, Waterline or Zaleilah made it to the final, which is really good, it gives more class to the festival and it shows that there are also songs with good quality (I’m not saying that the other aren’t good)


Well, as I’m Latin I must say that I’m glad that my culture is present at the Eurovision somehow, When I first heard the song I don’t know why, but I felt happier. The performance is colorful, happy and makes you dance, more than expected and it goes with the song, actually most performances match with the songs to be honest, but anyway, when Leyla said that Romania qualified I felt relaxed because I like the song. Looking forward to top 10!


This was too obvious and I’m really glad to see Cyprus back in the final, because they have achieved poor results lately, About the performance it is what I expected, it’s funny, it’s cheerful, colorful etc… Also I like the choreography during the chorus, I don’t know it’s cute. Somehow I’m a bit afraid that this song may achieve a poor result on Saturday, as Kati Wolf, or Getter did.


Well, Soluna was born in Guatemala, one neighboring country, I’ve been there, It has such a wild beauty, but well let’s get back to Eurovision, I was expecting Soluna to miss the final, not because it’s a bad song but because I read some negative comments with good arguments so I was nervous before Leyla named Denmark, so when she said ‘DENMAAARK!’ I felt more relaxed for Soluna, and about the performance on stage it’s entertaining and cheerful, I really liked it! Good luck neighbor 🙂


I fell in love with the tiny granny, for real, she is so cute, I would invite her to be my third grandmother, anyway the performance was a blast, everyone was standing up, dancing, waving their flags, cheering, if there were more people on Crystal Hall, the could have blown Crystal Hall apart. When I see the final with my family they will be amazed with them! Good Luck!

When Leyla announced Russia as a qualifier I was happy but I was like ‘surprise, surprise’.


I thought they would stay in the semifinals because of several reasons, but the first thing I noted was the improvement of Csaba’s vocals, they are WAY better than in ‘A Dal’. Also I liked the performance, and the background shown in the LED screens. What I like the most of this song is the message it has, and that Europe understood it and voted for it. I’m really glad to see Hungary in the final for two years in a row, but I still like What About My Dreams? better.


When Leyla said: MOLDOVAA! I was like: What? Seriously? But I must admit that the performance is really cheerful, happy and inviting, on Saturday I expect that Moldova ends up between 12th place and 21st, a good song, but not that good it has some details. But well, I like to see Moldova on the finals.


PERSONALLY I don’t like Jedward, they are kind of annoying, but I admit that while they were singing the chorus I was singing along and that I liked the water fountain 🙂 Good Luck in the final!

I’m only happy that Ireland qualified just because it’s Ireland 😉

Tell us, What do you think about yesterday’s Qualifiers?


23 comments on “Analysis: Qualifying countries, Could the winner be here?

  1. Small correction (nothing that has any import, to tell the truth):
    Iceland achieved great results in the semis since Yohanna both in 2010 and 2011. It is in the final that the songs have achieved mediocre results.

    Anyway, I like the analysis. I disagree with you on many points *cough*Cyprus*cough*, but I can’t fault you for what you’ve said in any way.

    Also, I’m surprised that so few people thought Moldova would make it. Few people thought Moldova would make it last year. I believe, but I wasn’t around to experience so I could be wrong, that Moldova wasn’t expected to qualify in 2010. Moldova always qualifies with the kookie and the fun, and the country knows this. Why would this year be any different, especially with its biggest supporters in the semi and in the seemingly-weaker semi?

    • That shite is in only because Romania is in the same semifinal? Do you know that they are the same nation actually?

      Also Russia is big supporter of Moldova every year, and it was in the same semi!

      • Which is another reason why I didn’t understand why nobody thought Moldova would qualify, Marko. It had its biggest supporters in the semi, as you have said. I almost had it as a sure qualifier.

  2. I enjoyed reading this review even if I do not agree with what was said about Cyprus, Greece, Ireand and Russia. I also like uptempo songs, but they have to be properly sung live. Russia is the only song amog these finalists that may win next Saturday and it pains me to write that. The winner will probably be one of this 3 countries: Russia, Sweden or Italy. I would give Nina the first place. If I were left to my own devices, Rona should win the whole thing by a mile.

  3. Thank you for a lovely review. I’m still buzzing on the show from last night. My friends and I had a great evening, drinking, chatting, singing along and dissecting everything. Was fun. Albania blew us all away which i was pleasantly surprised about as I wasn’t sure it would appeal to the company I was in but it did. We all loved the Irish performance and i don’t really care what anybody thinks regards this one as I’m always going to support my country (and I don’t mind reading the negative comments either, it’s each to their own as far as I’m concerned) but I think to be fair, some credit has to be given to this entry as it was fun, and lively and it certainly looked good so it deservedly made the final whatever the opinion on the pesky twosome may be.
    Got a reasonable draw too so long as Sweden isn’t plonked beside it again this year, we’ll see after tomorrow night. Looking forward to hearing how tonight’s Jury final goes.

    • Hi dear Martin! 🙂
      I was generally disappointed with whole semi, but Ireland was one of the best…because performance is world class and reminds me of Lady Gaga! So it was one of rare positive surprises (majority was negative :() and I gave them 7/10 in the end! Also Marin have you seen when they were dancing (like maniacs) to Azeri traditional music during interval act, that was EPIC! 😛 LOOOL 😀

      • Hi Marko 🙂
        Quite a few were disappointed with last night’s show. I think the nice bottle of red wine helped me along so I was beyond caring lol So glad you appreciated Jedward’s efforts, i think it was one of the better performance last night whatever others may say. The interval was really good, I prefer a show rather than more singers especially after listening to 18 beforehand. I loved all the twirling and you can’t beat a good bang……on a drum of course! 😉

  4. Bravo babushki, EUROPE love BABUSHKI and will vote for them, I also think that jury will vote for them, they are BY FAR BETTER than Hadise and Eva Rivas (which Togravus and Shevek don’t hate like babushki, they wrote only one coment for them and that was all, and about babushki, they are obsessed with them, they comment very rude and negative for them every day)…and jury voted them both!

    They are middle aged elitists from EXTREMELY rich families (I know that) and they hate babushki because they don’t have high school and university diplomas, and they wear traditional costume of “forgotten” part of the world, very far from big urban areas and cities! BOOO elitists! :@ :/

    Rona is not classy, maybe for you, Shevek and togravus, but THANKFULLY you don’t make this WORLD! LOOL 😀

    • And just one note, i’m not jealous at all on them for being very rich! Don’t ppl get me wrong at all…

    • MyEurovisionDiary, can you please delete the personal sections in this ‘comment’ (“They are …. university diplomas”).

      Thanks a lot!

  5. I think that UK will give 12 to Jedward this year BIG TIME!! YAY! 🙂
    I hope they give 10 to Loreen, that will probably be the case..and 0 to Rona Nishliu (
    it’s not British taste at all)
    My mother and father were surprised to see Engelbert representing the UK!

  6. @ My eurovision diary

    Don’t delete my comments, or delete, but I know some hackers, they can ruin your site in minute…

      • I am fine. But don’t you realise that all the time and love you invest into this blog is sabotaged by one single user? Almost everyone who was here once has left. That is so sad to see. 😦

  7. @ Martin

    In Serbia they showed only small part of interval act because they had a long commercials! :/ But I watched whole interval act on HRT – Croatian TV! 😀

    I don’t drink alcohol at all.. 🙂

    • Yes, I know you don’t drink alcohol. Sometimes I wish i didn’t too lol!
      BBC3 seems to do the same with the semi finals with loads of nonsense banter between the presenters being shown instead from what I hear. RTE is quite good in that we get to see it all which is great.

  8. MED, I would prefer if you tried to make him see sense. I am not a friend of banning people, but if you want to do so (it is your site after all), do so after Saturday’s final.

  9. I don’t attack anybody! Togravus HORROR called me negative first and then I replayed to him the same way, also he called me troll and I replayed to him like that!! hahahahaah you think I will suffer if you ban me! Pfff…
    That Togravus manipulates with you, you see his comment…and it seems he manipulates with you in private! Ts,ts,ts! This is officially your site, but formally it’s Togravus’s who thinks he can have everything with his money! NO COMMENT! I puke over your site atm @ My eurovision diary or @ Tito if I remember your name properly I’m totally disgusted and disappointed atm! One big YUCK for you, Togravus and your site! Y*U*C*K! 😦
    You could notice that i was very kind with you and all (except Togravus) these days so it is not problem in me but in Togravus! But I don’t care, you can create a story like you wish and do whatever you want together with that AWFUL and MISERABLE user! I DO NOT CARE! But let everybody see now (later you can delete, but let them see) I PUKE OVER YOUR SITE AFTER this miserable step of you! 😦

    • Marko, first of all, WITHOUT INSULTING YOU, if you want to prove me wrong, why you have to insult me? Who you think people will believe more? The one that makes a tantrum and insults others or the one that even when being insulted answers in a polite way?
      second of all, I believe in Togravus because he hasn’t insulted anyone, maybe people disagree with his opinion, but he still respects.
      and last of all, yes you were kind, but look, you love insulting others but when someone says something to you you get mad like a little kid.
      Good Night

      • Please don’t be angry and negative with me just because i said you are not from Europe and you can’t be that angry for Cyprus and Greece, that is what we in Europe like and to be angry is a bit stupid because that is European taste…

      • Marko, the only thing I am angry with you about is that you threatened this website. I was offended that you believe my opinion to be less than others, but I am not angry about it.

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