TONIGHT: First semifinal of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest!

What we all have been waiting for since May 15th 2011, is about to happen, the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is about to begin in less than a day!

As we said, watch the Eurovision Events with us via Twitter! For anyone who mention us we will reply. We will be commenting about the songs, the country on stage and the performance so you better see it with us :). I estimate that we will begin to comment since Belgium, because of the difference of the time between Mexico and Europe, but we will catch up, don’t worry!

In the comment section below, I ask you to share your top 10, vote in the Eurovision style e.g. Montenegro 12 points San Marino 10 etc… and I will count all the votes and Eurovision Diary will have it’s own qualifiers and we will see if they are the ones that actually qualify!

See you at night!

21 comments on “TONIGHT: First semifinal of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest!

  1. Here we are! Good luck to all participants! I only ask for one thing: send Albania to the final, please.

    P.S.: on Saturday do not give the first prize to the grannies. ESC will suffer dearly if that happens.

  2. Okidoki, here we go then
    Personally my points go this way:
    1pt – Denmark
    2pts – Cyprus
    3pts – Israel
    4pts – Hungary
    5pts – Moldova
    6pts – Ireland
    7pts – Russia
    8pts – Iceland
    10pts – Romania
    and finally
    Douze Points
    12pts go to….. Albania!

    But Who I think will make it are:
    Iceland, Romania, Russia, Ireland, Moldova, Denmark, Albania, Cyprus, Greece & Switzerland

    Good luck to all participants. Hope everyone enjoys the show tonight and has fun. 🙂

  3. My Top 10:
    12 Finland
    10 Albania
    08 Montenegro
    07 Russia
    06 Iceland
    05 Moldova
    04 Israel
    03 Cyprus
    02 Ireland
    01 Denmark

    While the Top 10 I THINK will be is:
    1. Russia
    2. Romania
    3. Cyprus
    4. Iceland
    5. Albania
    6. Denmark
    7. Greece
    8. Moldova
    9. Ireland
    10. Israel (but actually I have no clue about the last finalist)

  4. If Iceland qualifies for the final then I will vote ONLY for Sweden many times, if Iceland doesn’t qualify then l will vote for Azerbaijan, Germany and some others who will qualify from semis(maybe Sweden and maybe not, depends who will qualify)!

  5. Valentina Monetta dressed rehearsal:


    Italy please give 12 points to Valentina Monetta and help her!! :-**

  6. Who knows, last year I thought AMAZING Mika Newton from Ukraine will stay in semis and she came 4th!! 😀 🙂

    Maybe this year we will have positive surprises as well!

      • Maybe, I’d like that to happen, but even more i’d like to see Valentina Monetta from San Marino in the final! Also I want Iceland, Albania and Moldova outside the final, AT LEAST ONE OF THEM, if they all pass, it will be horrible final, very hard to watch to! 😦 😦 😦

      • We will see, Marko. But I’m sure that, Iceland and Albania (btw, Condolences to the people of Albania 😦 ) will qualify… But Moldovaaa…. ???

  7. @ Alex

    You see me as one negative person when I talk to you?
    One person from here tells me I’m negative all the time, he says that to me every day! :/

    • You’re not negativeee, I think you’re soo positive like a Nina (Serbia 2011) :D! Trust me, Togravus loves you, and he just tries to annoy you… 😀 😀 😛

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