Meet the qualifiers from the first semifinal!

Europe has voted and 10 finalists have been revealed, 10 countries will return to the Eurovision Stage this Saturday at the Grand Final.

These was an exiting semifinal, full of surprises, joy and sadness for some 😦

These are the 10 qualifying countries!

  • Romania
  • Moldova
  • Ireland
  • Russia
  • Cyprus
  • Iceland
  • Greece
  • Albania
  • Hungary
  • Denmark

Good luck to all of them on Saturday! See you on Thursday!

Tell us: Are you satisfied? The songs you liked missed the final, or made it to the final? Tell us below!


54 comments on “Meet the qualifiers from the first semifinal!

  1. NOOOOOO! San Marino stays on the semis!! SMTV PLEASE DON’T WITHDRAW
    NOOOOOO! Montenegro stays on the semis!! RTCG STAY IN EUROVISION!
    NOOOOOO! Latvia stays on the semis!! LTV STAY PLEASE!!
    Dear RTE: If you send Jedward next year, you and I will have a SERIOUS talk ok?

  2. Congratulations to all finalists! I got 9 right out of 10, and I confess that I never saw Hungary coming.

    Btw, was it something special about the last finalist or why did they have to bring all hosts up on stage?

    • Are you bloody serious, Denmark to miss the final?? That would be OFFICIALLY THE END of this HORRIBLE festival, thanks God she’s in! :/

  3. For me disappointing results! 😦
    But last year i loved all results, this year voting is not for my taste but for Shevek and Togravus! 😦 But OK, still there are some who saves year and hopefully Loreen will WIN!! 🙂

    My list for the final:

    1. Azerbaijan 10/10
    2. Germany 10/10
    3. Denmark 10/10 Soluna is THE WINNER of THE FIRST SEMI DEFINITELY 😉 While I was watching her I felt for three minutes it wasn’t ESC, it was too good for ESC, thankfully smth like that exists in this scary festival so there is still reason to watch it, my friends sent me sms where they told me they ONLY LOVE Denmark, and my all friends hate ESC, they think it’s full of shitty entries and nothing is modern and current in it.. 🙂
    4. Romania 10/10
    5. Russia 8,5/10 – I LOVE them, my mother as well, she will vote in the final, go BABUSHKI! :-**
    6. Hungary 8/10 – one of rare positive surprises, it can be good outside of ESC
    7. Ireland 7/10 great performance, it’s current and modern, bad vocals
    below this line are weak – completely crap entries
    8. France 6,5/10
    9. Italy 5/10
    10. Spain 5/10
    11. Greece 5/10
    12. Cyprus 4/10
    13. UK 2/10
    14. Iceland 0/10
    15. Albania 0/10
    16. Moldova 0/10

    For the last three I hope to get as possible as bad result in the final..

    AND……………..LOREEN FTW!

    • You didn’t like Moldova, mb? I think they probably had the most colourful and inviting performance of all tonight. Albania and Denmark were also marvellous. The cypriot entry is catchy, but her voice is not good. Iceland felt very empty, though. It’s supposed to be dramatic, powerful and dark but I just found it pompous and fake. Though I still like the song somehow.

      Nice to see that you have changed your gravatar. We’re crossing our fingers for Loreen. 😉

      • Of course that I don’t like Moldova, I find it seriously sick, sorry! 😦

        Don’t need to cross fingers for her, in this BLOODY AWFUL competition she will blow them like a wind!

  4. Loreen has already charted in 8 countries (Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Romania, Russia), before ESC WOOOOW, I expect to chart in at least 10 more countries after ESC, so Loreen RULZ!!

  5. Interval act with Azeri folklore was MAGICAL, i loved it the most actually!

    And when Jedward danced to interval act, that was EPIC moment of this night, tat moment is better than all entries from this semi! LOOOOOL 😀 Eleftheria Eleftheriou also danced to that interval act but she wasn’t that funny and cool! 😛 😀

  6. Well, interesting results! I thought I will vote for Austria, but noooo, I voted for Greece…! Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know! 😀 After the live stage performances my ranking changed (again):

    1. Greece 12/12 (I danced like a maniac :D)
    2. Cyprus 12/12
    3. Switzerland 12/12 😦 😦 😦
    4. Ireland 10/12
    5. Romania 7/12
    6. Hungary 6/12 (Hungary qualified, and it’s big surprise for me, but I’m so happy)
    7. Albania 4/12
    8. Moldova 4/12
    9. Iceland 3/12
    10. Denmark 2/12
    11. Austria 2/12 (sorry, guys, but I don’t like “Woki Woki Woki” tonight 😦 )
    12. Latvia 1/12
    13. Belgium 1/12
    14. Israel 0/12
    15. San Marino 0/12
    16. Finland 0/12
    17. Russia 0/12 :@
    18. Montenegro 0/12

    I’m so sad for Switzerland 😦 😦 😥
    Good luck, everybody! 🙂

    • I danced like a maniac to Azeri music for interval act, folk dances were AWESOME! 😉 And they showed Jedward dancing like a manics to it! hahahahahhaha it was sooo funny my Alex! :-* xD 😀

      • Yea! It was really AWESOME, Marko! 😀 Now the rain in Baku, I love rain! 🙂

        Good night! 🙂

      • I agree, Marko. The interval act was fantastic for two reasons.

        1. It was Azeri music and not some random cr*p like last year.
        2. It was instrumental. I don’t like it if we get more vocals after we have seen the entries.

        Btw, I am very sorry that Latvia didn’t make it. Anmary was one of the best singers tonight and her stage show was so cute. 😦

  7. Hi everyone!

    I have just returned home and here are my 1st reactions. First of all, I predicted 9/10 and only missed Hungary because I thought that Israel would make it. (Big hug, oxi!) The minute we could see Eleftheria’s undies I knew that Greece, whom I had my doubts about before, would make it too because sadly that is what televoting is like. And it is official now: Greece and Russia will be in the final with every cr*p they send (don’t get me wrong, I loved Greece last year and Russia in 2009 and 2010).

    I am very happy that Albania made it to the final and I am happy that Moldova and Iceland made it too, although Iceland definitely lacked in intensity compared to the NF. On the other hand, I am totally disgusted to see Greece, Ireland and Russia in the final. The Babushki are probably the weakest act vocally that we have ever seen on an ESC stage. How shall this contest ever gain musical credibility if acts like this are supported?

    The biggest disappointments were Denmark and Romania. Denmark was simply dull and Romania was lame tonight. On the other hand, and that will come as a big suprise to many … Ivi totally won me over and got a 6th place on my list tonight. I never expected Ivi to have such a rough and almost naughty voice … or is it just the many late nights in Euro Club? She was vocally fine too and in contrast to Greece her performance was 0 % slutty. Very well deserved finalist. Anmary was fantastic live and great fun to watch (very casual) and deserved a place in the final imo, as did Finland (alas I always knew that it wouldn’t happen), Switzerland and of course Israel, who were 2nd on my list. I liked Montenegro too but was sure that only very few people would agree.

    Good luck to all finalists!

    P.S. ESCToday looks like oikotimes now. Atm, I don’t think that I will spend much time there anymore but I will get the site a proper check tomorrow.

    • You can DIE, but Buranovskie babushi are in the FINAL! HAHAHAHA!! Turn the channel on Saturday when they perform! “GOOD” NIGHT! 😛 And i would like to see if you were from village far away from cities how you will sound! BTW they sounded perfect, they have more than 360 years all together! So use your hate on somebody else ULTRA NEGATIVE Person (even on ESC night)! once again “GOOD” NIGHT! 😉 😛

      • OMG, I have got myself a troll. LOL I won’t even bother to answer. You are the one always shouting ‘relevant to contemporary music’. Double standards obviously. Do you really expect anyone to take you seriously?

        Good night!

    • Hi, togravus!

      We obviously predicted the same both of us, since I also betted on Israel instead of Hungary (but as I said, I didn’t have any clear final finalist). But I must say that I completely disagree with you about Denmark. I, who has always found their song a bit semi-boring, was totally blown away by Soluna’s performance tonight. Such a great, confident, joyful and relaxed performance! It was like Anna Bergendahl, but with energy…

      Good luck to all artists on Thursday!

      • exactly, both Anna and Soluna are simply not for this festival, they deserve better! ESC is too bad for them! So I expect Soluna to rank quite bad in the final, but that’s it.. 😦

        ESC is for marginals like Filipa Sousa, Rona Nishliu, Pasha Parfeny…smth that nobody outside ESC can like and appreciate! PUKE!

  8. Hi there! I am back home. Albania is in!!!! Yeeeey. Unfortunately, I guesses all the finalists, It’s way too easy to predict the voters’ choices. My onlt doubt was between Hungary and Switzerland. The Hungarians were better today. The mais singer improved his vocals immensely. Albania made it! Go, Rona. I am sorry if I sound silly, but I am terribly tired. Was the show OK? Rona, you are the best! Congratulations to the finalists!

    P.S.: are we supposed to facebook or twitt to become a member of ESC Today? If so, bye bye.

      • I taped it, but I am only going to watch Rona now. I’ll watch the rest later. Yes, the results are very hollow. Send talentless people who look cute/cuddly/hot/showing off parts of the body singing an uptempo song and you’re in.

      • Hi, we disagree on Cyprus. I caught that one on a computer and a friend of mine asked who was that annoying singer I was listening to. LOL I’ll give another try tomorrow.

  9. Your troll is called Rona Nishlu! LOOOL Now I remembered, she reminded me of smth horrible all these months, and that was ugly little troll with holes on his face! YUCK! What a creature! That troll got 3rd spot in the final to perform, I can smell fiasco! FLOP (T)RO(LL)NA FLOP! hihihihihihihihi! 😛 😀

  10. Ooops I forgot that I promised to replay on all insults of togravus the same way, so:

    @ Togravus

    You are troll…

    Simple as that! 🙂

  11. @ Sir Shakespeare, I don’t know about Denmark. Perhaps I will have to check that performance again tomorrow. Might be that I only went along with everyone else … because everyone else thought that it was terribly lame. Group dynamics, you know, I normally try to steer clear of those but nobody’s perfect. 😉

  12. @ Shevek

    And you really speak nonsense?

    Grannies are HOT and naked maybe?
    Or your beloved Rona maybe? She is in Shevek, so don’t complain about results all the time! GOSH! And your cliche Iceland is in BIG TIME, I really dunno what else you want, all to be dressed like noons who qualify? Are you from Fatima in Portugal maybe? :S :/ Svashta Boze ima an ovom sajtu! sakloni me Boze! :/

      • Well then deal with all of them! Like I deal with your ugly little troll Rona!
        Btw I saw Kosovo flags in audience, what did i tell you, ppl ;), she is in only because she is from Kosovo, otherwise she would be THE BLOODY LAST IN THE SEMI! :/
        But I’m glad for this because Kosovo is in next year, she is here to introduce Kosovo in ESC, she has been born in Kosovska Mitrovica! But I’m glad for that because next year Kosovo will enter and Serbia will withdraw and then we won’t participate in this shit of festival finally! YAY!

  13. A little correction on my previous comment. What I meant was that the performances of Anna and Soluna reminded of each other, but that Soluna, managed to deliver in a way that Anna couldn’t.

    I agree with your friend about Ivi. The song is catchy, but her voice obviously couldn’t make it to the arena tonight. And am I the only one who think that she looks exactly like Anne Hathaway?

    • “And am I the only one who think that she looks exactly like Anne Hathaway?” That’s not a bad thing imo. 🙂

      And on Ivi’s vocals … I have always had a soft spot for “the woman with a past” and Ivi sounded like one for sure. 🙂

      • If she keeps spending her time on euro clubs, she might sound like Mia Martini in the final. 🙂 That would lift her song to new heights.

        Good night everyone, and remember to stay cool as a swimming pool!

  14. Good night Sir Shakespeare, you are an ok user of this site unlike some others!

    I can’t wait next year Serbia to withdraw from ESC, because next year Kosovo will join it! I saw Kosovo flags in audience tonight! Rona the lill troll is from Kosovo!

  15. I managed 9/10 in the end, I got Switzerland and Hungary switched in my predictions but tonight with friends swapped Greece with Switzerland. Darn. Swiiss can go and sweem into the strim all they like. 🙂 Still. I loved the whole show, staging and entries. Moldova stole it for me. Ireland were fab and did a great job, the tireless sic tiresome, choose whichever, twins were spot on and no worse vocals than some of the other qualifiers and the Russian grannies did what they had to. Cyprus (so polished) walked all over Greece which really was poor. Denmark was dull to me but Hungary excelled and totally nudged out the Swiss. Iceland was less dramatic than expected while Albania was more than I could have hoped, stunningly powerful (go Rona, but Nina for the win). Romania were very good but the ear piece did affect her and Moldova stole the show (along with Albania and Ireland – only my views so don’t be freaking out). costumes, camera angles, backdrop, choreography, him, the girls, The song. I loved it all. Second semi next, hmm, Saturday the final, Yeehhaa! 🙂

  16. Repost from what I posted at Eurovision Times for all of you here:

    My thoughts on the show tonight:

    Montenegro: My friends all enjoyed this song immensely, except for one that had no idea what he was talking about. I thought that the presentation was clever, but unfortunately, there was no way that Rambo was going to go through tonight, even if eight of the other contestants all died mysteriously.

    Iceland: What happened to Jonsi? Disappointing live tonight, although the NF proves that they can do it better than that. My friends still enjoyed in nevertheless, and for one, it was her song of the night.

    Greece: I don’t think I heard her sing a note tonight. It sounded entirely like the backing singer’s mic was put higher than hers, and it was as fake and transparent as her dress. My friends enjoyed my prancing interpretation of the song, which changed lyrics to illuminate everything that was wrong with this act.

    Latvia: One of my friends was convinced that she couldn’t sing, while the other two hated the song. I warned them though, that’s the one that they were going to be humming tonight. The presentation was weird, kinda like the “Real Housewives of Latvia,” and it just seemed underwhelming.

    Albania: Song of the night. She did go out of tune for a brief interlude, but it was easily the most-powerful and most-memorable song of the night. Even my one friend that hates the song pointed out that she had to give her voice props and that she deserved finals. The other two just really liked it. It was the favorite of both the men watching.

    Romania: Romania has grown on me since it first won the national final. It like the presentation, and they know how to work a stage. If there were issues, I can understand why it wasn’t perfect tonight, but I thought they deserved to qualify. They’ve definitely jumped up a bit in my rankings.

    Switzerland: The song has never sold me. Never. It’s so repetitive that it feels like it’s going on for six minutes instead of three, and I grow bored. Two of the others tonight also grew bored, while the fourth member of the viewing party loved it. I don’t think it did enough to deserve to qualify.

    Belgium: Nobody even listened to the song. Nobody. We were talking throughout the entire act.

    Finland: This attracted some attention, most of it directed at her dress, which I found surprisingly positive. They thought it was cut weird, but they liked the color. One person mentioned that this was a terrible draw, but we didn’t recover from losing ourselves at Belgium.

    Israel: Two people in the viewing party actively hated it. I still really love it, but it is going to go down on my list a bit for a slightly underwhelming live. I loved the camera angles though. Overall, I had a feeling that it wouldn’t qualify, but I held out hope at the end.

    San Marino: I had to step out for the performance to grab some snacks for the guest actually. They all actively hated this song though, so I have a feeling they thought I was just trying to avoid the song. I admit that I like Valentina’s voice, but the song, even as satire, is just so childish.

    Cyprus: It was unanimously agreed at the end of the night that this was the worst voice of the night. Nobody liked the live performance, but one did mention that it was a shame about her voice because she loved the song itself. I thought the presentation was sleeker and better than her direct competitor, Greece’s, song though. Overall, I thought the live killed it, and I was sure that we’d see Greece and no Cyprus in the final. When Cyprus qualified, I thought that maybe Greece wouldn’t after all, but when both qualified, I went on an angry tirade about how stupid Europe was for doing this. My only consolation is that they’ll vote-split in the finals.

    Denmark: We found it incredibly boring. One person hated her voice, while another didn’t look up at the screen from a book the entire song. With the exact same staging as Dansk MGP, I had a hard time caring either.

    Russia: It was a hit with the group. We all admit that it is because of the cute-factor, but we approve of the cute factor. The addition of the cookie tray just heightened the cute-factor and thusly approval of this song even more. All in all, I approve of this qualification.

    Hungary: Shock of the night for qualification, to me. I thought this had almost zero chance, but the break between Russia and Hungary certainly did something to help them. That being said, only one person in our group commented highly favorably to this song, while the others of us just thought it was okay. His vocals have definitely improved though. Deserved qualification? Probably not, in my book, but I’m okay with it.

    Austria: Ew. Ew. Ew. We couldn’t help but shout the terrible line that the dialect’s title sounds like in English, as they sang it. The amount of butt present in the presentation turned the straight women and me off to the song, and the straight male disliked the song but liked the presentation. Overall, it was a failure to us.

    Moldova: One member of the group absolutely DETESTS this song, while two of us love it (I am one of them). The kooky presentation is what really makes this song, and I adore Pasha’s charisma. I knew this song was going to make it, and it came as no surprise to me.

    Ireland: It was a hit with the group, besides me. One person declared this to be her favorite song of the night, while all (but me) commented on how wonderfully cheesy it was. I pointed out how their vocals are still shaky at best and how this gimmick was almost as bad as the cute gimmick used by Russia. The only difference I found was that this fountain gimmick was clearly a gimmick, while the Russian cuteness came as an inherent part of the artists that were singing the song.

    Overall, the results were about what was expected, although I still had a tirade about both Cyprus and Greece. Neither of them really deserved it, but Greece actually deserved it more than Cyprus (never thought that I would say that). As for the running order, what kind of blessing does Jedward have when it comes to the running order. The only time that got something even remotely poor in the running order was last year’s final, and even there, the placement was decent. I don’t think the running order matters much for Albania. Rona is going to get her placement no matter where she performs (what the placement is, I honeslty have no idea. I knew she would make finals, but I have no idea where she’ll land in the final score). It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to Iceland with Russia performing directly before it, while I think having Cyprus right before it might have helped France, even with a poor presentation. Ivi’s vocals are nothing compared to Anggun’s. Romania will stand out immensely between Azerbaijan and Denmark, so I almost expect another top five for them, while having Moldova close is probably bad for the song. It needs something to go after it to prove how silly and entertaining it actually is.

    • Hi!
      You can’t be that angry because of Cyprus and Greece because you are not from Europe at all…sorry, I don’t want to say anything bad, but it’s reality you and your friends who you mention all the time in this comment are not from Europe, but from the USA so that’s not your business to see who is deserved and who isn’t deserved qualifier…

      • So, Marko, my location makes my opinion less valid? I can’t vote. This much is true but saying that it is not my business to say who I think deserved and didn’t deserve to qualify is trying to attack me and start a fight.
        I’m not going to give you one. Here’s all I’m going to say.

        This is my opinion on the subject. I am not saying that the results are not valid nor am I saying that I think less of anybody who does support these acts. However, I am a member of the fan community just as much as you, Toggie, Shevek, Alex, and the rest of the community in Europe. I am allowed to post my opinion on a topic and have my voice heard as much as any other fan. My opinion and my comments are equally valid to any other fans. Just because I cannot vote doesn’t mean I cannot have an opinion on the results.

    • Thanks for your review. Were your company Eurovision fans or just casual viewers? I think that’s one of the most interesting parts to analyze afterwards; how the people who have never heard the songs before react. I’m checking Internet forums here in Sweden, and one thing that strikes me is that many people seems to love the Hungarian song. And when I later check the Swedish iTunes list, I see that coming again. Already has some Eurovision songs started to climb on the list.

      7. Finland
      18. Cyprus
      22. Russia
      39. Hungary
      49. Greece
      50. Denmark

      • One is a Euro-fan in the making. He has mentioned wanted to begin to follow it. One is a person that puts up with my Euro-fanboying, and one was a newbie that I’ve never really exposed to Eurovision before.

        The Euro-fan in the making was with me on placing Albania as the favorite. The casual fan that puts up with my fanboy is the one that placed Iceland first. The casual fan that was never before exposed was the one that placed Ireland first.

      • Oh, I forgot to mention that I know a good number of people that have loved Hungary when I showed it to them. Quite a few people I know have had an instant reaction to it. I find it surprising, as well.

  17. Patrick, Hungary has a sort of familiar British sound to it and is totally inoffensive. We ESC fans might call it ‘bland’ but normal people probably prefer to call it ‘normal.’ 😉 🙂

    • That might be why I don’t particularly like it. I’m not a big fan of British rock. For rock, I do tend to prefer the American stuff and some from Eastern Europe.

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