See the recap of the dress rehearsal of the First Semifinal!

The First Dress rehearsal of the First Semifinal has concluded and has uploaded a recap of all the performances.

The Second Dress rehearsal has began, and in this rehearsal the jury will be voting.

Here is the recap of all the performances:


41 comments on “See the recap of the dress rehearsal of the First Semifinal!

  1. Indeed, Togravus, and she’s wearing a very stylish dress. Finland seems to be going home, unfortunately.

    P.S.: what the heck are the twins wearing?! It’s ludicrous.

    • Honestly, I prefer the silly twins to the out of tune kitsch representing Russia by a mile … If it is between Ireland and Russia for the last envelope, I will become a passionate Jedward supporter for a few seconds.

      And as I have said on ET, Rona looks like a character from Greek mythology (Electra?) or a Wagner or Strauß opera. Simply fantastic. This is art, Europe! Needless to say that some of the silly hardcore ESC crowd assembled in Baku have already nominated her for the Barbara Dex Award. I guess that those yobbos have never been to the opera in their lives …

      • Don’t you think Greta looks like Brünnhilde from “Der Ring des Nibelungen”? And I agree with you about Rona (Medea was the person that popped up in me), she was the best if we’re talking about dresses. Jedward has completely destroyed it, they have get rid of their trademark, the toothbrush haircut, and are dressed as two crew members from Star Trek or something like that. Finland had also a really bad look. I actually think that can spoil her qualification chances.

      • We are stuck with the grannies, I’m afraid. Barbara Dex Award!? Some people are just too glittery and glossy for their own sake. They live in a perennial la la land.

  2. I think that the following will qualify on Tuesday. (Who I’d Like to make it in brackets)

    Iceland (Iceland)
    Russia Russia)
    Romania (Romania)
    Ireland (Ireland)
    Moldova (Moldova)
    Cyprus (Cyprus)
    Switzerland (Hungary)
    Austria (Albania)
    San Marino (Denmark)
    Greece (Israel)

    I think If either Israel or Hungary make it then Switzerland or Greece could be out.
    I don’t think Denmark or Albania (love Rona but am concerned televoters won’t) are guaranteed finalists either. Austria and even San Marino (I think the kids will love this one) could sneak in there. This is a tight semi final to call. But then I could change my mind again tomorrow. It’s like that. 🙂

    • I think that Rona will get top points from Greece, Montenegro and Switzerland, and since juries have massively supported good vocals in particular in the semi-finals in the past, I am very confident that we will see and hear Rona in the final. 🙂

      • Am hoping so, and she looked and sounded great so maybe am just having a wobbly moment 😉

  3. Montenegro : If this doesn’t get last place with juries then who will?
    Iceland : Qualifier for sure , don’t know what they will achieve in final.I wish them the best!
    Greece : Eleftheria is doing everything she can , the song doesn’t help.Ogae journalists poll in Baku has it among favorites in 1st semi ,that sounds encouraging…Almost certain we will get to final ( juries and early draw make me feel a bit insecure , but the appeal of an ACT like Aphrodisiac televoting-wise is almost predictable ) where I am expecting around #10.
    Latvia : Boring and NON qualifier !
    Albania : The dress ruins it for me. I would have preferred the official clip’s approach.
    Romania : Will do surprisingly well , it has already climbed up to 5th with bets.
    Switzerland : It still sounds amateur and unoriginal to me , however I can see them just making it through…unless Hungary stops them ( Compact Disco deserve this more ).
    Belgium : I am waiting to see if juries can boost this enough into the overall top 10 of first semi…I am not writing a jury top 3 off.It will depend on how much televoting will ignore it.
    Finland : It is in Swedish thus juries will prefer Belgium.Televoting will ignore it equally to Belgium.Unfortunately out !
    Israel : I like it but I lost faith.It comes across as a silly act.
    San Marino : Embarassing.Juries will of course support the microstate in order to counterbalance televoting influence.Still , NON qualifier !
    Cyprus : FFF , I predict another Rockefeller Street…
    Denmark : Well produced , well performed.Would have qualified even without juries’ over the top support ( same as every year when it comes to what Denmark sends )
    Russia : Gimmick ! It will definitely not deserve the place it will score.
    Hungary : I am thinking this will go unnoticed ( Grannies are to blame as well ).Prove me wrong.
    Austria : Unfortunately , nothing can top their NF performance.Not enough televoting support to get them through.Non qualifier.
    Moldova : Fun but with flaws , actually many…Borderline qualifier.No way juries will rank this in top 10 !
    Ireland : Unless they get pneumonia and organisers run out of antibiotics , we will see them in the Final…

    To sum up :
    Sure qualifiers ( in order of appearance ) : Ice , Gre , Alb , Rom , Den , Russ , Ire
    Borderline : Swi , Belg , Isr , Cyp , Hun , Mold ,
    Non hopers : Monte , Lat , Fin , San M , Aus.
    Good luck and enjoy the 1st semi !

  4. @ Shakespeare, of course I agree on the Greta Salome Brünnhilde comparison but I do my best to forget it because I love Iceland 2012 and totally loathe Wagner …

  5. It’s quite weak semi, in dresed rehearsal it looks a bit disappointing!

    Valentina Monetta is THE BEST BY FAR and the best performance (for outside of ESC standards) is Austria BY MILES!

    But ESC cliche like Iceland is the most gay and ESC friendly! YUCK! What a cliche performance, even that small part is more that enough, it’s so predictable and boring! It’s very old fashioned! 😦 But that is perfect for ESC audience! Once again YUUUCK!!!!
    Albanai is a bit better because dress is OK, but it’s still horrible song!

    Moldova is OF COURSE THE WORST, it’s one of the worst EVER in ESC, I can’t believe smth bad as that exists, even in this quite weak festival!

    I hope at list one of these 3 will miss the final!

    • I think that you are wrong. Both my parents have Iceland as their favourite this year and they certainly are not gay. LOL I think that ‘Never Forget’ will have a massive appeal to older and more conservative tv audiences. In fact, if Iceland are drwan 2nd in the final, I fear that poor Engelbert will be dead in the water.

      Enjoy semi 1!

  6. Also Anmary is great and her new dress is much better! 🙂

    What’s wrong with Soluna Samay’s hair?? :S It looks wet, dirty and ugly as hell! :/ 😦

  7. @ Toggie

    But she is not singing German opera at all, her song is not opera at all, nor her voice is operetic, and is in Albanian, isn’t that weird to be dress like that if nothing is connected with it! Not to mention Greek Barbara Dex award is not for the ugliest dress always, but for the worst choice of clothes for certain entry!

    @ Shevek

    and why is that bad if they give her BD award?? Because you and Toggie like how it looks like? Hmm, what does it mean, that you two are ones who decide what is good and appropriate and what isn’t? GOSH! Sometimes I ask myself who are you actually, because you always “know” for everything what is “the best”! :S

  8. “because you always “know” for everything what is “the best”!”

    Ts, ts, ts … look who’s talking … dear Marko, who told me that ESC was dead in Germany in 2009 … and now the contest is more popular than ever here. 🙂

    • It’s a bit more popular, but you told us here that it is laughing object in Germany! So please..

      And about enjoying first semi, no thanks, there isn’t much to enjoy there for normal person, when I watch almost only to see if Albania, Iceland and Moldova (at least one of them) won’t qualify it’s very sad reason to watch tbh..but it’s like that!

      • People make fun of some entries, yes, mainly of those that do not belong in a song contest at all … but then there are several songs that are taken very seriously (first and foremost Italy), which is a thing that would never have happened before Patricia Kaas brought some credibility back to ESC in 2009. 🙂

  9. Pasha Parfeny has the worst outfit without any doubt and should get BD award immediately!! :/ If Milan Stankovic got that award easily, Pasha Parfeny should get it even more easier for that skirt he wears!!

    I understand Albania, but Toggie please don’t like Moldova that much, it looks really horrible! 😛 lol 😀

    • Don’t worry, I do not like Moldova ‘that much’ … I just like it. ‘That much’ is reserved for Albania, Estonia, Italy and perhaps BiH and Israel this year.

  10. And Valentina Monneta’s rehearsal is the one we can see even we don’t open the video with recap of dressed rehearsals, it says WHO IS THE BEST BY FAR in the first semi!!! 😛 😀

  11. @ Toggie

    But ESC is more marginal every year, everywhere not only in Ger. but I don’t want to talk about that any more..because outside of ESC there are more and more good and modern singers and ESC is stagnating.. it’s not current at all! But OK, I know for myself, you know for yourself and that’s it!

    • Well, you certainly do not know how marginal and out of touch with contemporary music ESC was in the 90s. The contest has come a long way since then, for all the good and bad such a development entails …
      And since I probably know a bit more about ESC in Germany than you do. No, it is not marginal at all considering that it is an event that takes place only once every year. ESC’s tv ratings are only topped by major football matches. Or do you want to tell me that the Olympic Games, which have worse ratings, are marginal in Germany too? LOL

      Anyway, bye for now!

      • And why then we don’t see songs from ESC in German charts?? Why? We see only famous world’s singers’ song there! 😉
        But Loreen will be in German charts, MARK MY WORDS!


  12. I have just fetched a glass of water from the kitchen … and what do I see? All that negative energy, even on ESC night. 😦

    Btw, ESC has never been a chart-oriented show and hopefully will never be. If it turned into a chart show, it would be dead within 5 years because there are myriads of those shows. ESC is popular once a year because it is DIFFERENT from everything else, at least here in Germany.

    *back to the garden*

    • 1. It’s 16:42 where I do live, I didn’t know it;s night in Germany!

      2. You are NEGATIVE AS HELL, not me (since now I will always react in the same way like you, whatever you say to me I will replay exactly the same, so let’s start that “interesting” game ;)) I can react how I want you know! Haaaalo! :/

  13. @ Dear MyEurovisionDiary

    You have created a great site and I will always be proud that I helped it getting off the ground (I will probably tell my grandchildren about it) but for very personal reasons, I won’t comment here anymore.

    Thanks a lot for your fantastic site and the great times I had here. Take care and all the best!

    • Togravus, why you? :O
      You are the most outstanding commenter here, without you, this site would be nothing! Please don’t go, if someone is annoying you, tell me who is he or she and I will ban that person from commenting, but PLEASE don’t go!

      • Dear MyEurovisionDiary

        I am very glad that you have enjoyed my comments. I have been insulted (via e-mail) by a regular member of this site and it hurts … probably beyond what you can imagine. 😦 However, I won’t stoop to telling names but believe me that it has been very hurtful, injust and nasty. 😦 I am very sad atm because the person who hurt me is someone I invested all the best I have to give into in the past.

        You are a great guy and I am very happy to have met you … but being around here being insulted for no reason whatsoever all the time seriously infringes on my quality of life. I do not enjoy being around in a place where hate rules. It is really a shame, seeing this fantastic place being hijacked by someone who doesn’t know the first thing about good manners or respect. 😦

        Once again, it is not your fault. You and most other regulars here are fantastic people but (probably for personal / biographical reasons) I cannot share a place with someone whose aim is destrurction an hate only. I am afraid that Benny and Igor (for those who have read ESCToday in the past) got it right from day one.

        ESC hugs! Togravus

      • Well, I can’t force you to stay here, I invite you to visit us and to comment just some times, to know how are you and that kind of stuff, It was really nice to meet you too, and I understand you, and if the person who insulted you: if you are reading this, man up, and apologize publicly, no one will get benefits but you.
        And with the description you gave me, I have an idea of who is ;).
        Hope you are fine! Merry eurovision week! And ESC hugs for you 🙂

  14. MyEurovisionDiary,

    Happy Eurovisioning to you too and good night. I am still sad and hurt …

    *needing a shoulder to lean on*

    Good night!

    • Aww if you weren’t that far I would be with you supporting you! Also if that person insulted you, don’t take it seriously, in Mexico we say ‘Si no te queda el saco, no te lo pongas’ (If the jacket doesn’t fits you, don’t wear it) which is metaphoric way of saying, if you now you are not what they say you, don’t take it seriously.
      Good night and sleep tight, hope you wake up better and Happier 😉

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