Bosnia & Herzegovina: Minimalist performance for Maya Sar!

The Bosnian representative Maya Sar has rehearsed for the second time at the Crystal Hall in Baku.

This time Maya wore her outfit; A beautiful black dress who Maya loves very much. Her charming song will be performed on a minimalist way, she will play the piano at the beginning, then she will stand up and sing in front of the audience.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


23 comments on “Bosnia & Herzegovina: Minimalist performance for Maya Sar!

  1. I don’t understand why this beautiful ballad gets such lukewarm reactions on the blogs. Yes, the backdrop is a bit dull and the dress is not the best choice possible … but we are still talking about one of the best ballads and a very strong vocal performance here.

    I am still confident that Maya will make it to the final. Good luck!

    • Based on diaspora points of course, it’s so obvious that very few like it, if we check polls,YT and blogs as you have said, but diaspora is always there to help..I like it, but I don’t like when smth qualifies only with diaspora and neighbors!

  2. Such a great song and a great singer…there is nothing dull about her performance imo.I’m glad they have a simple backdrop…. previous one was horrible and didn’t match the song!Not only diaspora but also jury will vote for her including me 😛

  3. @ Toggie

    french is like English, jury doesn’t help small languages!

    Boris Tadic has lost presidential elections, Tomislav Nikolic is new president!! NOO! 😦

      • Now I just hope they won’t make changes in government! If SPS accept SNS – Tomislav Nikolic to make government and especially with DSS – Vojislav Kostunica they can make anti European change!! 😦 😦

    • If not Toggie, if SPS and DS – Boris Tadic make government like they planned and Tomislav Nikolic is president, that won’t work for a long time and we will have situation like when Vojislav Kostunica was premiere and Boris Tadic was president and we needed NEW elections! It’s chaos, but I also hope can be better..

      • Let’s just hope that everyone in Serbia thinks pragmatically and does what is best for the country. I am confident.

      • Marko! I hope the things in Serbia get better seriously! I understand you, here we are about to vote for the new president and no one of the 4 candidates looks well, in fact, yesterday in Mexico City there was a massive protest against the candidate of the PRI party about 60,000 people attended.
        But how chaotic are the things in Serbia I saw on the news that there are protests is that true? :O

      • That is not true, what kind of protest they mention, we didn’t have any protests, there is only a big celebration of SNS party atm in Belgrade, because their candidate won presidential elections, which I don’t like at all and chaos i wrote because political situation is not stable when we have president from a party which is not in the government – so called cohabitation! that always brings new elections very soon and that is not good in crisis, to have many elections in a short period! understand? 🙂

        In Mexico you have only presidential elections now or also for parliament? How many seats are in your parliament, I suppose it’s very big! 🙂

      • Well, we don’t have a parliament we have a chamber of deputees and senators, and yes there are elections for diputees, senators, mayors, governors and president 🙂
        Actually 2 weeks ago we had the first debate between presidents and they just locked horns, we all were saying that after the debate they will punch themselves at the parking hahahahahahah
        So, the news were wrong… Bad for them 😦

  4. @ Marko, BTW, having to share power is one of the most difficult things young democracies have to learn imo. Angela Merkel f. e. does not have the majority in the 2nd chamber of our parliament (Bundesrat), which has to approve most laws. France has had what they call cohabitation many times in the past and in the USA it is more or less the rule (president belongs to one party, and the other party holds the majority of seats). What you do is sit down together, talk and find compromises. It is not necessarily conflict or chaos, but unfortunately the ideological Tea Party in the USA hasn’t understood that. The only exception is the UK where you always have solid majorities due to their electoral system.

    • Yes I know that about cohabitation, but you don’t have ONE question like EU membership which can make chaos between parties! We have that and that is problem! Tomislav Nikloic won today thanks to DSS – Vojislav Kostunica who won’t accept pro EU politics..and now what?? if all big parties here would have similar politics we could also have working cohabitation, but…

      • You are right Marko, and that was exactly what I meant when I said that young democracies have to learn to compromise. So perhaps this situation is a chance for the democratic culture in Serbia to evolve and improve.

  5. @ MyEurovisionDiary

    What were actually the news, please tell me what did they tell, you remember smth, who, where and when made those protests? I’m so curious to know and it is very important, because I suppose news in Mexico about us can be very similar to those in the USA and that was always very important, how the USA see situation here!

    • Well, for the Mexican govt. relations with Serbia are kind of important, so news must be right, I remember that they were having elections and that a lot of people gathered in Belgrade (I think they were celebrating now that you say) and that some people were disappointed with the results and something like that, I’m young and I have Alzheimer 😦

  6. @ Toggie

    I hope so too, but after elections’ comments of DSS – Vojislav Kostunica are not promising…OK now I don’t want to bore with this any more…

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