United Kingdom: Engelbert was the last to rehearse at the Crystal Hall!

The British representative Engelbert Humperkinck has rehearsed his entry ‘Love will set you free’ for the first time at the Crystal Hall in Baku.

First the LED screens showed nothing, only the lights could be seen, but then, they showed gray smoke, then the lights turned the stage red, and the smoke shown by the LED screens was in different colors. At the stage Engelbert was joined by the same guitarist as in the preview video and by a couple of backing dancers, a man and a woman.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


8 comments on “United Kingdom: Engelbert was the last to rehearse at the Crystal Hall!

  1. I actually consider this to be one of the best british entries ever. It has some unexplainable timeless sound that hypnotize me. Very elegant.

    Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about this performance. They have once again got these goddamn tacky background dancers. Jeez, some people does really believe that background dancers are a complete necessary ingredient in the performance cake. It isn’t, at least not for me.

    • You are completely right. It is a shame to see someone like Engelbert do a Lidia Kopania performance-wise. His live vocals were pretty shaky too, at least in the context of this year’s bunch of entries where we have so many great voices.

  2. Since I believe that the Golden Age of the contest was in the early 60’s (and 1994-1997), I would actually find it a bit charming if the UK did a complete back-leaning, old-fashioned performance this year, as it was in 1960. Only Engelbert and a microphone on stage, not a hand-michronfone, of course.

    And yes, I agree with all the strong singers this year. You can tell that juries often vote for the strongest vocal, in a song that leaves space for that. My favourite vocalists do often get high votes from the juries, even though I don’t always love their songs: Jade Ewen in 2009, Sofia Nizharadze in 2010 and Maja Keuc in 2011.

  3. The only ESC-related song in which I think that ballet dance works is “Aha” with Jelena, the runner-up in Croatia 1996.

    I wish you a happy birthday too, Marko.

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