Sweden: Euphoria for Loreen!

Today, the Swedish representative Loreen did the second rehearsal in Azerbaijan, with Euhporia.

A combination of lights and black panels make Euphoria more mysterious. Loreen wore her first semifinal outfit, which will be like the one she wore in Melodifestivalen; black pants and a green-type of shirt.

Here’s Loreen’s rehearsal:


2 comments on “Sweden: Euphoria for Loreen!

  1. She looks very wild outside of he stage and sometimes a bit scary, but sometimes interesting!! 😀

    I think vocals in rehearsal are not strong at all and in MF it was BY FAR BETTER because of echo and prerecorded backing vocals! I told you ppl that it will happen in Baku!! 😦 😦 😦
    And clothes are now somehow over the top, and too much of snow and wind, it looks too euphoric even for euphoria!! Do I make sense now? LOL 😀

  2. It looks like hidden backing vocalists are singing 80% of the song, she opens her mouth very rare, i have watched patiently whole rehearsal! i don’t like that! 😦
    It is very hard to make this work properly with 100% live, i saw some worry on Bjorkman’s face, he wants this to win sooo much!! :/ it will…of course..but there are more quality entries and performances.

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