Slovenia: Fresh news, I believe!

Today, the first rehearsal to be held in Baku Crystal Hall was the young Eva Boto, representative of Slovenia singing Verjamem (I believe).

As always, a lovely ballad, but this time Eva wore the outfit she’s going to have in the semifinal; a puffy white dress with flowers of soft colors – very elegant by the way – accompanied with her 5 backing female singers.

Here’s the impression of the second rehearsal:

22 comments on “Slovenia: Fresh news, I believe!

  1. off-topic: Prinz Blog has reported that it is forbidden to play Armenian ESC songs in Euro Club. Prinz Blog’s DJ was apparently told so after he had played a remix of ‘Apricot Stone’ last night by the manager of Euro Club who said that they “would be in real trouble if they played Aremnian music here”. If this is true … will the EBU ever take action or let the Azernaijani authorities insult and humiliate everyone, including the spirit of ESC? 😦

    • Oh my… that is so unfair! I totally agree with you, toogie! Armenia – even though they don’t participated this year in ESC – need respect, and because they’re not in the contests, that doesn’t mean they’re music won’t be remembered… and much less forbidden! Shame… 😦

  2. @ SamsMichael, good luck to Pastora too. I am not a fan of ‘Quédate conmigo’ but I have spent so much time in Spain that I always sort of support Spain in ESC. 🙂

    • Me neither! Indeed, this song wasn’t my favourite in the “national selection”! I liked much more Tu vida es tu vida… anyway, this song is a very good ballad this year! I particularly would like that one year Spain sends a song in english… I think It will make a very good impression!!

      • I did not really like any of the 3 songs but liked ‘Ahora o nunca’ best. It was the most authentic song imo and closest to what Pastora normally does. However, since Spain chose a well-established artist with a fantastic voice, I would have gone all the way and sent sth that would have been more daring and would have stood out more. I still think that TVE are cowards when it comes to ESC. They have opted for the seemingly safe every single year since 2006 … and what results did they get?

      • I couldn’t agree more! TVE is more closed to the public when is time for choosing the next representative. Sometimes, I wish that one year TVE would orginize a REAL concert like Melodifestivalen or Sanremo. NOT like they do with five singers in the same round and the best of that five wins… no! I mean a BIG show with semifinals, wildcards, etc. But anyway, one reason they can’t do that is because the can’t afford it. Another one would be that they think that they will never win again since 1968 (and the curious case of 1969) and that’s not true. They gave up and did a selection, but the minimum they can do. It’s a shame… There are great voices all around spain that want to be heard and TVE just pretend not to hear them…. 😦

    • I know! But people knew that Pastora is much better singing Ballads than Spanish-like music… Altough she would have done great in Baku with T”u Vida Es Tu Vida”!!

  3. @ SamsMichael, Radio Tarifa representing Spain would be a dream come true for me … but it will never happen. 😦

  4. Practically every year since 2002, and even 3 times in 2010. In 2006, I was in Spain for almost a year (visiting all major and minor sites in Catalunya, Aragón, Rioja, Navarra, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and Andalusia … I think that I have visited every single Romanesque church, chapel or hermitage between Roncesvalles and Sanlúcar de Guadiana …). Right now I finish a cultural travel guide to Spain, which will probably be published next Spring.

  5. Of course I visited the famous monastery in Sant Cugat. 🙂 Do you live there? My favourite places in Catalunya are San Joan de les Abadesses, Besalú, the monasteries of Santes Creus (together with Alcobaça my favourite Cistercian monastery in Europe), Poblet, Vallbona de les Monges and Sant Pere de Rodes.

    • Oh the monastery is wonderful, and yes I live there!! I have been to Besalú, santes Creus (which i think the monastery is beautiful) and Sant Pere de Rodes. They’re all wonderful!

      • And all those romanesque churches in the Ripollès. I love them to bits. 🙂

        Olot reminded me of my home area here in Baden-Württemberg somehow. It looked so Swabian. LOL

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