Italy: Nina Zilli, out of everything!

Out of Love was first heard in the Baku Crystal Hall today, when Nina Zilli rehearsed for the first time. The Italian representative, joined with two girls and one boy as the backing singers, did a magnificent rehearsal.

The background is with black and white, alternating between each other, making circles, stripes, and other figures full of movement. Any of the people on stage wore the outfit they’re going to wear in the Final. We’ll see the outfit in the second rehearsal.

Here’s Nina Zilli and L’amore è Femmina:


One comment on “Italy: Nina Zilli, out of everything!

  1. I can’t imagine this wining ESC really, but OK! :/

    Vocals are not as strong as many thought will be, but it’s rehearsal, maybe will be better in the final!

    For me everything is below average, and I don’t understand ANY SINGLE WORD when she sings in English, literally – ANY SINGLE WORD! :/

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