Germany: They really stand still!

Today, the first of the BIG 5 has rehearsed for the first time in Baku, and the lucky one was Germany with Roman Lob!

Roman sung his song “Standing Still” in the Baku Crystal Hall, joined with his band. He was not wearing his official outfit, nor his group, but they did show what they were going to fight for. The background will be very simple; white lights for the song, yellow and blue for the chorus, and at the end sparkling yellow lights for make Standing Still a great rehearsal!

Here’s the first impression of the German entry:


2 comments on “Germany: They really stand still!

  1. Now this is really nice, Azerbaijan and Germany are GREAT, others from “BIG 5 and host country” are below average if you ask me! Mediocre is actually a good word for some of them! France is nothing, I heard so many words about professional performances of that singer Anggun and when I saw that mess, i was surprised how that team is amateurish! Probably not enough money for ESC or not enough interest I would rather say! 😉

    But OK Roman Lob and Sabina Babayeva for me are above average and good! 🙂

  2. And that Italy is overrated as hell, if I see that girl singing on the street (especially that more than mediocre song), I wouldn’t notice her at all… :/ I dunno why they speak she is big favorite, it’s surprising and shocking for me…but OK… 🙂
    Azerbaijan and Germany are world class, others are bad, Spain is old fashioned as HELL! :/ 😦

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