Azerbaijan: The music will never die for Sabina

Another BIG 6 has rehearsed today, and that another was Sabina Babayeva with “When The Music Dies”!

Sabina was wearing a long, white dress, with feathers in the shoulders, and was accompanied with three backing dancers – with white dresses too – and a traditional Azerbaijani musician, seated on the top of a glass box, behind Sabina.

As the song starts, it’s very black and and in the background there’s nothing but a white “explosion”. The music keeps going and the background keeps growing, until at the end the black background turns to moving red shadows and stripes.

Here’s the first impression:

One comment on “Azerbaijan: The music will never die for Sabina

  1. OMG Azeri magic in ESC again!! The best dress by far! 😀 🙂

    Don’t need to talk about performance and song!

    I’m only afraid for make up, she is not very pretty so she needs A LOT of make up and VERY professional person for that! :/

    But once again visually this performance is not even close to anything else this year, it’s miles above everything!

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