Latvia: Beautiful Song on stage!

The Latvian representative Anmary has rehearsed for the second time at the Crystal Hall in Baku.

This time Anmary and her backing dancers wore her outfit.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


4 comments on “Latvia: Beautiful Song on stage!

  1. I’m a bit disappointed in dress! But all right….I’d like if she kept gimmick performance like one of 2 from heir NF!Gimmick performance suits better this entry than ordinary performance she decided after NF, but OK!

  2. The outfits are awful but I hear that their delegation has been told by others in the press arena so things may change, hope so! it’s well performed and the song has improved for me slightly but I don’t like the lyrics at all.

      • I know you love it Marko and it does have a lovely melody which have started to grow on me but I can’t bear the cheesy lyrics even with the reference to Johnny Logan lol.

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