Greece: Dance as a Maniac with ‘Aphrodisiac’!

The Greek representative Eleftheria Eleftheriou has rehearsed for the second time at the Crystal Hall in Baku.

This time the LED screens showed different images.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:

12 comments on “Greece: Dance as a Maniac with ‘Aphrodisiac’!

      • Of course that i agree Martin, and you can see my new list for semis in my profile, Greece dropped several places in the 1st semi for me!

      • Interesting lists there Marko, Nice to see Ireland sneaking in there 🙂 Is this your lists of favourites or who you think will qualify?

  1. @ Martin

    It’s list of my favorites, not prediction! 🙂
    Yes Ireland has the best background and I LOVE the FOUNTAIN so much, so they MUST qualify! 😛 😀

    • Aw, am so pleased you like it. I think it looks great too and they perform well imo.
      I love fountains too especially if they are worked together with music and lights. Can be so cool to watch.

      • I love fountains too but I didn’t watch the Irish rehearsal because I only watched my favourites and those we hadn’t seen live before. Btw, my favourite fountain is a very small one in Priego de Córdoba … they have countless fountains there. It is Andalusia’s prettiest town anyway, and almost tourist free. 🙂

        Are we moving on from cable cars to fountains now? Waiting for the first cable car on an ESC stage. 😉

      • Would seem so. Hurrah for fountains! Funnily enough We have a duo called Fountains Fall playing at this year’s Melting Pot festival (shameless plug – which I set-up and co-run. We also have an Armenian band called The Bambir appearing, have you heard of them? I think they’re great.

        Also, The Underscore Orkestra from Portland, Oregon. who I love.

        Hope you like. Couldn’t resist the plugging 🙂

  2. @ Martin, I am not allowed to listen to The Bambir’s song because of our very strict legislation here in Germany. 😦 But the Underscore Orkestra is great! Thanks a lot for posting the song.

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