Denmark: Charming song & singer at the Eurovision stage!

The Danish representative Soluna Samay has rehearsed for the second time at the Crystal Hall.

This time the Danish delegation wore their outfits and on the interview Soluna sang an acoustic version of her song.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


19 comments on “Denmark: Charming song & singer at the Eurovision stage!

    • Ооооооо, hi mer maid!!! :-***
      Sweden for the win, Iceland for the bin!!!

      I decided, in the final I’m gonna vote only for Sweden, we have to stop Iceland win!
      Iceland may win because it’s the most gay friendly this year.

      • Hello Marko :))) Toggie told me you were here and I wanted to say hi 🙂 I prefer Iceland to Sweden 😛

      • What are you talking about? Iceland might come top 5 but it won’t win.
        Btw, in the end you always end up voting for Sweden irrespective of whether you like their entry or not, don’t you … 😦

    • Hello dear mer maid, who would have thought that our little discussion with City of Angels would be the swan song of old ESCToday … 😦

      • Hi Toggie 🙂 Yes…what happened to esctoday and some other sites are so sad! The timing couldn’t have been worse! Luckily,they have a back up and will come stronger than before 🙂 we always find a place to keep eurovision passion alive,don’t we? 🙂

  1. @ Toggie

    I love Swedish entry, it’s not in my TOP favorites, but I have to vote for it because only it has power to beat Iceland! If Latvia had I would certainly vote Latvia! I saw in serbian ESC site everybody liked Icelandic rehearsal the most! damn (but those are gays eurofans and they are majority of voters here)!!
    No, it’s definitely now, I’m gonna vote for Sweden from my, my mother’s and my father’s phone and my friend will vote for Sweden, I will tell her! Loreen FTW!

    • Italy and Germany have more chances to win than Sweden imo. And don’t get me wrong, personally I prefer Sweden to Germany. You think otherwise as far as I know.

      • Yes I prefer Germany to it (I haven’t seen rehearsal yet though), but i think it doesn’t have chance to win, Sweden has!
        It’s sad to skip voting song you prefer, but if Iceland wins it’s by far more tragical! 😦 Who would survive next year full of pathetic violin cliches!?!? I certainly won’t…

  2. * mer maid … Sorry! Btw, if you like Iceland, have you seen the extensive interview from ESCInsight I posted on Eurovision Times? You might like to check that one out.

  3. @ mer maid, with 100 % televoting it would be a definite yes for Romania but I cannot see massive jury support there. Juries have proven to go for either good ballad vocals or quirky or radio-friendly stuff in the past. Bad news for the traditional shake it! ssongs here and perhaps we will see a final without Greece this year after all. I post the link to the Iceland interview (with a bit of Loreen thrown in …) here again because I do not remember where I posted it on ET. It will be easier for you to find this way:

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