Albania: Another ballad to go on stage!

The Albanian representative Rona Nishliu has rehearsed for the second time at the Crystal Hall in Baku.

This time the LED screens showed something, which means it wont be a dark performance.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


20 comments on “Albania: Another ballad to go on stage!

  1. Oh my, all the major ESC fan sites have been attacked by homophobic hackers. ESCToday and are completely down and ESCInsight is having difficulties too. There are certainly some people out there who do not want to celebrate diversity. 😦

  2. That is why several sites are down. Shame on whoever has tried to destroy other people’s hard work. Don’t they have something useful to do in their miserable lives?

  3. The statement of the EBU obviously is that they “are not in Azerbaijan to organise a gay pride but ESC.” (Source: Prinz Blog) I never thought that ESC fan sites were about gay pride … they are about music and celebrating Europe’s diversity.

  4. These people live in a very dark and sad world. I hope that ESC Today and all the other sites will be back sooner rather than later.

    • Even if they come back wich they will, ESCToday has obviously lost everything. This is the text from their FB page: “ESCTODAY WAS HACKED, in a second thousands of hours of hard work (actually 12 years) were erased as retaliation because we support the Eurovision Song Contest, a ”gay pride” as the hacker(s) call it. We will not be stopped!!! WE WILL BE BACK.” — I would like to show my support too but since I don’t do social networks, I can’t.

  5. I really can’t watch again this torture of rehearsal!!! 😦

    I would lie if I will say I’m sad for esctoday! Finally they got what they deserve, they got what they did to me 😉 as Nina Badric sings in “Nebo”: “Neko to gore vidi sve” = “Someone up there sees it all” I just hope dimitris calling or whatever won’t appear here suddenly!! Then bye, bye, I go forever!!

  6. Am saddened what’s happening to the Eurovision sites today. It’s appalling behaviour of the lowest level and the morons who have nothing better to do than destroy and ruin people’s work should hang their heads in shame. Truly disgusted.

  7. And now I’m reading that the esctoday team have been issued with death threats if seen in Baku, now that’s plain scary.

    • And who is doing that? :/

      I share your opinion Martin! I couldn’t be objective for esctoday because they were really bad to me for years, but now when i hear this… :O

      • I’ve no idea, it was mentioned on escnation’s blog. probably some religious homophobic nutters.

  8. The problem in our globalised world is that it could be anyone, even some people trying to bring Azerbaijan into disrespect … Oh my, we are living in a complicated world. Sometimes I think about doing a Loreen (no internet, no tv etc.) and buying a small and remote farm in Andalusia …

      • No. Why? You told me that you were reading that the other day. Is it worth reading? I am reading Fernau’s “Roses for Apollo” atm.

      • I didn’t watch movie, but i heard that book is better (in 90% cases book is better), but I have watched his first movie – “The kite runner”, but I haven’t read that book yet! According to the movie I can say they are similar, one is destiny of a boy, and one is a destiny of a girl, but I can say also that for me “A thousand splendid suns” gets stronger feelings somehow…

  9. Oh, I’m really so sad for esctoday, I always read the latest news there… 😦 I hope that they will come back to soon…!

    There is a big grammatical errors in the hacker’s message, I don’t think that hackers are Azerbaijanis, they’re Iranian idiots… Because in the message they’re used some Iranian words (rəd, yoxdi, geyləriçün, olkədən)…

  10. That is so sad! I really hope it all gets normal as soon as possible! I really like ESCToday, it was the first eurovision website I entered 😦

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