Turkey: Love in the sea for Turkey!

Can [Jan] Bonomo, the Turkish representative at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest has successfully rehearsed at the Crystal Hall.

On the LED screens we can see the waves of the sea, and later hearts coming out of the water and going up. Can was joined by 5 male backing dancers. The lights colored the stage in Red.

Here is the impression of this Rehearsal:


4 comments on “Turkey: Love in the sea for Turkey!

  1. I always disliked that entry and now after rehearsal i’m even more convinced about that! HORRIBLE REHEARSAL! 😦 But even more horrible thing is that it will qualify easily representing Turkey! 😦 And some great will stay in semi! :/ :@
    Vocals are WEAK, outfit is OK!

  2. The 1st rehearsal was a bit lame and underwhelming but with the right camera shots it might look amazing on tv. The vocals were ok but not outstanding. I had Turkey as a definite finalist on my list before but I am not 100 % certain anymore.

    • Of course it’s sure qualifier!! Gosh Toggie you know VERY WELL that in a Turkish case (Greek as well) vocals are not important at all! *Hadise calling*

      • Well, Turkey failed last year … but then most of their friends voted in the wrong semi then which is different this year. Nevertheless, I have degraded Turkey from certain qualifier (only Serbia and Sweden left in this category) to likely qualifier. I have a feeling that many surprises might happen in semi 2 despite the predictable voting most people expect. Europe is changing …

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