Sweden: Extravagant performance for Sweden!

Loreen the big favorite this year, representing Sweden at this Eurovision Song Contest has successfully rehearsed at the Crystall Hall.

The LED screens showed nothing, the choreography was almost the same, and this time Loreen was standing on a black box, where she was dancing and moving etc…, She also was joined by her backing dancer and her 4 backing singers.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


4 comments on “Sweden: Extravagant performance for Sweden!

  1. For me it was more than OK, but again not AMAZING, I simply don’t fall for it, but I like it, so I won’t be sad on 26th may when she wins by landslide, she will get more 12s than anybody else in ESC history, MARK MY WORDS! 😉

  2. We’re going hype, hype, hype.

    @ Marko, I am still not convinced. Whereas the fans here in Germany love Sweden 2012 all the expert articles make fun of it. We had another underwhelmed essay on Loreen’s 1st rehearsal on NDR’s site today, and thus I do not expect our jury to be generous. Defenitely no 12 points from Germany at least.

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