Slovenia: Magical performance at the Crystal Hall!

The Slovenian entrant Eva Boto has successfully rehearsed at the Crystal Hall.

She was accompanied by the same backing dancers than in EMA 2012. On the LED Screens we can see some curtains being moved by the wind. Eva was wearing a white dress ornamented with flowers at the skirt. Note that Martina, one of the dancers represented Slovenia at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, with ‘Love Symphony’.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


2 comments on “Slovenia: Magical performance at the Crystal Hall!

  1. For me it wasn’t very magical tbh! Unfortunately, because I gave her 10/10 before this, that was a bit disappointing! 😦 I don’t like dress at all, and choreography is strange and unpleasent for me…
    I will definitely have to make some changes in my list, some entries will go down, and some will go up! I wait to listen and watch to last 6 rehearsals and then i will do that!

  2. That performance did nothing for me. Everything was nice … which equals lukewarm in my book. And I still think that Eva isn’t mature enough to carry this song. This is not ‘Satellite’ but heavy stuff.

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