Poll: Which performance of Day 4 you like the most?

After watching all the rehearsals of Day 4, tell us in this poll which one you like the most. Choose carefully because you can only vote for one country!

Don’t forget that every day, we will be bringing you the latest developments of the rehearsals at the Crystal Hall.

IMPORTANT: There will be some delays with some performances because I am from Mexico and time zones are way different than the European.


5 comments on “Poll: Which performance of Day 4 you like the most?

  1. I have found this comment in esctoday:

    “just saw an ad in greek ert world satellite channel featuring eleftheria eleftheriou introducing her song behind the acropolis and urging greek diaspora to vote for her on the 22nd and in final 26th. this is done every year and in 2006 i saw a paid ad of the greek entry on mtv uk as well…”

    It’s disgusting! YUCK! Greeks really lost compass in all aspects of their life! 😦

  2. I voted for Slovakia, despite this song is not the best, I’m really into it 🙂
    My today’s top:
    1. Slovakia
    2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    3. Slovenia
    4. Estonia
    5. Sweden
    6. Norway
    7. Croatia
    8. Turkey
    9. Lithuania
    10. Georgia
    Good luck to all of you 🙂

  3. 1. Norway 12/12
    2. Bosnia & Herzegovina 10/12
    3. Estonia 10/12
    4. Sweden 10/12

    I voted for Norway! 🙂 Good luck to alll!

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