Norway: Stay and watch Tooji’s rehearsal!

The Norwegian representative at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Tooji has successfully rehearsed at the Crystal Hall.

The LED screens show rare images, I would describe them as a steel fence with a red background. Tooji was joined by the same backing dancers as in Melodi Grand Prix. The choreography will be the same.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


22 comments on “Norway: Stay and watch Tooji’s rehearsal!

  1. I dislike it more now than earlier, now I would even like if it stays in semi! It annoys me and reminds me of Sweden 2011 (HORRIBLE)! i hate oriental sound in it and choreography is utterly boring, I hate lyrics as well! It will go down on my list tomorrow!

  2. Weak song and weak singer … and they try to do the Sakis trick, letting a guy standing in the shadow on the side of the stage do most of the singing. Gosh! This is a song contest … send someone who can sing next year, Norway!

    • They should bring back good ol’ Rolf Lövland again. He knew what worked in Europe. This song goes on my nerves. Iranian folk music rhythm and modern rhythm dance-pop in a forced marriage that can’t possibly be a happy one. And I rest my case when we come to the lyrics…

      • Most sites still running think that he will do very well nevertheless. Even the ESCInsight crowd went all aflutter on their podcast today …

  3. Didrik Solli Tangen RULZ!!!!! He looks AMAZING and his song was AWESOME! Awww! 🙂 ;-**

    This year Norwegian entry is shite!

      • Just two exceptions, I like them too. Not so much, but I can hear them without wanting to throw up =P
        I just can’t believe some people criticize this song when they might have never heard the worst music ever. Maybe I think like this because I like almost every kind of music.

    • Or even the Mexican “Tribal” is like eugh, Haruna, if you want to, look for a song called “Intentalo” form 3ballmty, you will puke for sure, but tbh, it is good for dancing at parties 🙂

  4. I have just watched the Tooji interview on ESCToday’s YT channel and he is a great chap indeed. Such a shame about the song …

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