Croatia: Heaven at the Crystal Hall!

Nina Badric the Croatian entrant has successfully rehearsed at the Crystal Hall.

On the LED screens we can see smoke shining in the darkness, and sometimes moving at the song rhythm. Nina was joined, not by her semi naked dancers, but by 3 female and 2 male backing dancers. Nina was wearing a long black dress.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


2 comments on “Croatia: Heaven at the Crystal Hall!

  1. Nina is great singer and I don’t dislike dress like many other do, but I’m still disappointed she decided to change song, her first version was my 10/10 and I loved it, it was more RnB,now it is with boring violin cliches 😦 also performance in NF with that AMAZING white long dress and with a lot of wind machine was by far better than this, so i won’t vote for her… but she will already receive plenty of points from us, because she’s so popular here..I have heard “Nebo” on radio many times, and she presented it in the most popular Talk show!

  2. I love the song and Nina’s voice but oh my, what a messy stage performance and what a hideous dress. I prepare myself for seeing one of my favourites being left behind in the semis …

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