Ukraine: Animated dancers for Gaitana!

The Ukrainian representative at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Gaitana has successfully rehearsed at the Crystal Hall.

At the stage she was joined by 4 backing dancers, also she was joined by another 4 backing dancers, these are animations that are shown in another 4 LED screens. Gaitana’s performance is colorful, the LED screens (major ones) showed color changing water, and the other LED screens beside the dancers, showed paint splashes.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


7 comments on “Ukraine: Animated dancers for Gaitana!

  1. Kitschy, but cool! XD 😀
    Vocals are better than ever! 😉

    I think it should be in the final! It gets my vote!

  2. I love Gaitana as a singer but utterly detest everything else about this act. Will qualify for sure if I know anything about televoters in Europe. Good luck!

  3. Like the singer, like the song, like the background… hate the dancers. They are good moving but really…. boys wearing purple, blue, green and pink skirts??? REALLY?? AWFUL!!!

    • Does that mean that “boys wearing purple, blue, green and pink skirts” is ok in a show but would not be ok in real life? I don’t think so … Everyone should be allowed to wearr what s/he likes.

      • Yes… in real live or in show, they can wear what they like!! But I don’t think it’s the appropriate outfit for the type of song…. the colors yes, but the environment they are in that moment doesn’t really match!!

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