Portugal: Fado at the Crystal Hall!

The Portuguese entrant for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Filipa Sousa has successfully rehearsed at the Crystal Hall.

She was accompanied by 5 backing singers, the same as in the National Final. The LED screens showed a city at night, note that the song says: ‘Sigo as ruas da cidade, velha, oscura, imperfeita’ [I walk in the city’s streets, old, dark, imperfect].

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


3 comments on “Portugal: Fado at the Crystal Hall!

  1. Portugal is also good, I liked that song, but now it isn’t very good for me, I feel like Portugal recycles entries every year, and especially this Babic’s songs i’m tired of, 2008 was stronger, this is like “Senhora do mar” light…and I can hear too much of accordion which is minus! Still it’s OK, backing vocals are THE BEST!

  2. Some of the best live vocals so far and I agree with Marko, the best backing vocals, just like in 2008. 🙂 The staging is what I expected, just a more polished version of the FdC performance. The song itself still doesn’t convince me 100 %. I does not have the intensity ‘Senhora do mar’ had. However, I think (and hope) that the juries will reward the impeccable vocals (just like they did last year when they sent Lithuania to the final) and send Portugal to the final. Good luck!

  3. My favourite this year, together with Estonia and Serbia. The song is not really as strong as “Senhora do mar”, but on the other hand they have a better LED screen. Always something.
    I did also now realize that the song reminds me a bit of Claudia Faniello’s “Blue sonata”.

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