Netherlands: Joan goes indian again!

The Dutch representative, Joan has successfully rehearsed at the Crystal Hall.

At the stage she was joined by her band consisting on 4 guys and a female backing singer. There were bonfires, the same as in the National Songfestivaal, back in Netherlands. Joan, again wore her indian hat, which is something linked to the song, which is linked to Joan’s first love. The LED screens showed indian stuff, not what you are thinking, like indian drawings and circles.

Here is the impression of this rehearsal:


3 comments on “Netherlands: Joan goes indian again!

  1. The Netherlands was good, but I as utterly disappointed when I saw she excluded girls who “played” instruments!! It’s such a pity and shame now she has some guys instead which are horrible 😦 😦 And one even has accordion! YUCK! 😦 I’m so sad many countries change girls from NFs to guys for ESC to attract gay audience! It’s really awful! 😦

  2. Why Joan…. Why? First of all, the girls were fantastic, and now those guys don’t go with the song… and then there’s the indian outfit…. I don’t like it AT ALL… I like the feather she had on the Eurovision in Concert, very simple and cute…. this is – sorry to say this – a bit freak… 😦

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