Poll: Which performance of Day 2 you liked the most?

After watching all the rehearsals of Day 2, tell us in this poll which one you like the most. Choose carefully because you can only vote for one country!

Don’t forget that every day, we will be bringing you the latest developments of the rehearsals at the Crystal Hall. There will be some delays with some performances because I am from Mexico and time zones are way different than the European.


14 comments on “Poll: Which performance of Day 2 you liked the most?

  1. I liked the Irish fountain. 😛

    Also nice to see my favourite ladies from Russia spending their time on stage baking. That’s well-used time. But why was the oven rotating?

    Now, a wild guess on which songs I right now THINK will go to the final from this semi:


    • Austrian entry and performance are great!!finally real rap/hip hop in ESC! They sounded very good in rehearsal! Clothes are great as well! 😉

  2. Day 3:

    I’m very satisfied with Zeljko Joksimovic and Kaliopi (even if Kaliopi made a BIG mistake during rehearsal), Zeljko Joksimovic’s vocal were GREAT, he sang better than in final of 2004! And this is only a rehearsal, so I expect even better in semi in Baku!!
    The Netherlands was good, but I as utterly disappointed when I saw she excluded girls who “played” instruments!! It’s such a pity and shame now she has some guys instead which are horrible 😦 😦 And one even has accordion! YUCK! 😦 I’m so sad many countries change girls from NFs to guys for ESC to attract gay audience! It’s really awful! 😦
    Portugal is also good, I liked that song, but now it isn’t very good for me, I feel like Portugal recycles entries every year, and especially this Babic’s songs i’m tired of, 2008 was stronger, this is like “Senhora do mar” light…and I can hear too much of accordion which is minus! Still it’s OK, backing vocals are THE BEST!
    Malta is VERY, VERY weak, ugly performance and weak vocals!
    The same goes for Belarus, only that Litesound guys have better outfit (i suppose that was outfit for semi)!

  3. Cyprus will qualify BIG TIME this year, her rehearsal is so popular on YT!

    For me it’s nothing special, seen many times before, quite boring and slutty dance! 😦

  4. Gaitana’s performance is just AWESOME!!! In the second semi-final to choose a representative to vote will be difficult for me: Norway, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sweden, Portugal and now Ukraine. OMG! 😦

    • Vote Gaitana dear Alex, she deserves the most! I will do the same! 😉 🙂 And some ppl speak this year it’s time for Ukraine to stay in semi, so Alex we have to prove them wrong! 😉

      • Ahahaha…. 😀 Marko, I forget that, I’m live in Azerbaijan. I can’t vote in the second semi! 😀 I hope Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, BiH and Portugal will qualify!

  5. @ Alex

    LOOL Alex, you can vote in the 1st semi from Azerbaijan!

    If you want I can vote for Norway in your name because I can vote in the 2nd semi, but then you have to vote for Latvia for me in the 1st semi! 😀 🙂

    • No, thx Marko, I don’t want! 😀 But don’t worry, my sister will vote for Latvia (and for Albania)… 😉

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