Moldova: Moldovan folklore reaches Baku!

Pasha Parfeny the Moldovan representative at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest has successfully rehearsed at the Crystal Hall.

On the LED screens we saw some extravagant trumpets, there’s the link with the song. The choreography will be almost the same as in Selectia Nationala Moldova.

Here’s the impression of this rehearsal:


11 comments on “Moldova: Moldovan folklore reaches Baku!

  1. Folklore?? I didn’t know that half naked modern dressed girls are Moldovan folklore! GOSH! Please author of this article should change that, because it is insult for Moldovan folklore and tradition! I was in Serbian folklore for 12 years, so things like that hurt me a bit!

    Please eurovision diary moderators, don’t get me wrong, I really like you and appreciate all of you…so this is not negative critic!

  2. Moldova is beyond embarrassing!! 😦

    Rona Nishliu is definitely not the last for me anymore, after Pasha Parfeny’s rehearsal it’s obvious who is! :/

    And now officially Armenia and Moldova are the worst ESC countries, always send trash and garbage and make bad reputation for themselves and festival! :/

  3. This is the worst choreography I have ever seen in ESC, I can’t believe somebody like that nonsense1 It’s disgusting, vomitive and embarrassing! 😦

    It’s really disgusting when he rides that girl on 1:42 and then when he push her with his leg while she is literally the floor! :/

    The most important for me this year is Pasha Parfeny and Rona Nishliu to miss the final!

  4. “The most important for me this year is Pasha Parfeny and Rona Nishliu to miss the final!” Why do you so frequently focus on the negative, Marko? I think that focussing on love instead of hate is the better road to choose.

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