Denmark: Soluna also rehearsed today!

Soluna Samay the Danish representative at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest has successfully rehearsed her entry ‘Should’ve Known Better’.

On the stage she was joined by her band, the same as in DMGP.

First, the LED screens were al dark but then a landscape appeared, it was dawn. Meanwhile the LED screen was all dark the lights colored the stage.

Here is a video of Soluna’s rehearsal:


8 comments on “Denmark: Soluna also rehearsed today!

  1. I dislike outfit, I’m a bit sad she didn’t change it from Dansk MG! 😦

    But vocals are the best till now, BY FAR BETTER THAN RONA NISHLIU, and song is great!! 🙂 i love it, it’s good for outside ESC, so has big plus from me!! make up is nice and black girl is cool! 😀

  2. I love Russian rehearsal! I’m really surprised how they sound very good singing together even in rehearsal in bad quality video! It sounds like they practiced singing a lot which is very impressive for me considering they are 60-70 years old and come from small village far form cities! And oven on the stage is GREAT, it transports part of a village culture to the stage together with REAL costumes of Buranovo area! 🙂 Me and my mother will vote for Buranovskie babushki in the final it seems! 🙂 😉

  3. @ Toggie

    “Oh yes, they get all the attentiopn because they are old (or some pretend to be old) and stoop to sing a totally embarrassing drivel that is supposed to be saved by the cute factor. How disgusting … and how unfair towards everyone who really makes an artistic effort. BOOOOO Russia … (This obviously if the exception to my only positive comments promise …) Well, good luck anyway!”

    1. This in brackets was really pathetic! :/ Why on the earth actually you wouldn’t make negative comments of smth you dislike? :/

    2. Artistic effort in ESC? :O OMG Are you bloody serious, there is 0,5 % of art in festival like ESC…but you probably don’t know that because you didn’t attend any ESC, if you see audience in Arena that would be perfectly clear to you! So attack to those 6 grannies from you is really weird, if 95% of others are non artistic, to attack 6 uneducated grannies from village far from cities (they as everybody else have right to participate in festival, but you as Radical elitist doesn’t want that of course! Your problem! ;)) is very brutal, ugly and rude (especially in that way you are doing, where are now your elitist manners?? ;))

    3. The funniest thing is you supported Russia in 2010!! hahahahahhaha yes that was ART!! hahahahaah please give me break! :/ That monstruosity with out of tune singing, that parody of everything normal was high in your list!!

    “BOOOO Toggie”


  4. @ Toggie

    And why they get attention, because they do smth nice – transport culture from the village in a way accaptable for masses, for young and old ppl, so they will receive points from all around continent, East, West, North, South! You can complain all the time that is unfair! 😉 You can see who is interested in Albanian press conference – 3 journalists from 2 countries! LOOL 😀 You can check video! If she was really amazing artist room would be full! 😉 I really don’t have problem with what you like, but disgusting thing is how you react when smth you dislike is popular among everybody and get attention while your favorites get 0% attention! Your reaction on that is “BOOOO RUSSIA”?? Wow, “great”!! :/ :/

  5. The best example of ESC art is Greta from Iceland playing violin playback while her hair is flying all around, and singing ESC cliche song in English frozen in 90s! LOOOL 😀 ART!! hahahahahahah

  6. OMG! “Woki mit deim POPO” is a Awesome! In the first semifinal I’ll vote for “Woki mit deim POPO”! But I’m sure that Austria will not be qualify… 😦 😦 😦

  7. I think that in the first semifinal results will be:
    1. RUSSIA
    2. ICELAND
    3. CYPRUS
    4. ROMANIA
    5. ALBANIA
    6. DENMARK
    7. IRELAND
    8. GREECE
    9. ISRAEL
    10. BELGIUM
    12. LATVIA
    13. FINLAND
    14. HUNGARY
    15. MOLDOVA
    16. AUSTRIA
    17. SAN MARINO


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