Albania: Second Ballad to go up on stage!

After Iceland,  the second song rehearsed in Baku, Albania was the second ballad to perform in the Crystal Hall. Rona Nishliu performed her ballad Suus alone in the stage of Baku. She is very brave to do that. The lights will be basically red and white, with sometimes red panels on the back, but mostly all a bit dark.

Enjoy the video of Albania:


6 comments on “Albania: Second Ballad to go up on stage!

      • You mean “cojo” instead of “cogo”. No la encuentro tan rara en verdad. Una canción desoladora con un extremadamente ligero toque de esperanza en algo tan simple como una lágrima. Me parece muy poética esta canción.

      • Ay si… equivocación!! Well… I can know what the song is about because it’s a ballad and because her expression… but I can’t feel it… I can’t feel the song’s theme… anyway, I like it!!

  1. Her singing sounds quite worse now in big arena tbh…and if her BIG fans are realistic they will admit it! From what I can see here (very bad quality) outfit is really bad, trashy, random and strange…sorry but to me this smells to SURE NON QUALIFIER!! Screaming is even worse than earlier, because screams are sometimes out of tune… this is too unpleasent to qualify IMO!

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