Iceland first rehersal successfully achieved

After Montenegro did their first rehearsal on stage, Iceland started to sing, with Greta and Jonsi. We can see at the back mountains moving and a winter-type scene, perfect for the song and country they represent. Greta will be – as in the preview video – with the violin, joined with Jonsi singing with her and four backing singers helping them. Greta will have the same dress in the semifinal, but Jonsi will have a type of smoking.

You can see the rehearsal here:

10 comments on “Iceland first rehersal successfully achieved

  1. Congrats SamsMichael, you have become part of the MED team. 🙂

    I never watch rehearsals (except for those that interest me most or that we haven’t seen live before) but I always read people’s comments.

    Btw, here is the ESCKAZ interview with Gréta Salóme and Jónsi:

    • Well, thank you Toggie! Indeed… this is the first time I watch the rehearsals… because I like having the surprise of the background or how they’re going to act… but I think this is my favorite year in all the ESC I’ve seen and heard… so I just couldn’t wait!

      Well…. now i see that Jonsi has a pretty good english accent, but Greta needs to improve a bit!

  2. I don’t watch rehearsals, even of the songs I’m really interested in, because I want to watch ESC with no idea what they are going to do on stage. The surprise is half the fun, and sure, I could make it more surprising by not listening to the songs until Eurovision, but… that’d be extraordinarily difficult and make being part of the online community no fun.

    Anyway, I began this diatribe for one purpose, to wish SamsMichael and welcome to the team, as well.

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