Greece and Latvia also did their first rehearsal

Greece and Latvia performed as well before the one hour break (13:55 – 14:55). Eleftheria and Anmary changed things from their first act in the national selection; Greece has the lead singer joined with four backing dancers – two men and to women – with a background of alternative colour and moving stirpes, while Latvia has a group of five women – Anmary and what they represent as her friends who are backing dancers and singers – with a colorful background of diferent shapes and stripes.

Enjoy the two videos below:




One comment on “Greece and Latvia also did their first rehearsal

  1. Eleftheria Eleftheriou is gonna qualify BIG TIME…listen to Marko, and mark his words…it’s a rare occasion i like that Greek ethno pop entry!! it’s actually the only one.. her performance is remarkable..choreography is nice..

    Anmary is THE BEST as I thought, no surprises..Anmary is GREAT! :-** Vocals are strong, WAY STRONGER than many thought will be! 😉 Can’t wait to see her outfit for semi! 🙂 BRAVO Anmary!

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