Finland: Day 1 ended with a beautiful ballad!

The Finnish representative at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Pernilla Karlsson has successfully rehearsed her song ‘När Jag Blundar’.

The LED Screens show water, first there were some waves, then eruptions, like a Hazer then it was calm. The lights were Emerald colored which is something really beautiful.

Here is the impression of Pernilla’s first rehearsal:


12 comments on “Finland: Day 1 ended with a beautiful ballad!

  1. Yes! The have get rid of that dancer that stole all attention in the national final. I’m very happy to finally have a song in Swedish, though not from Sweden. Shame on us!

  2. My Top 9 for rehearsal:

    1. GREECE
    3. ICELAND
    4. ALBANIA
    5. ROMANIA
    6. LATVIA
    7. BELGIUM
    8. FINLAND

    GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  3. I don’t mind the Finnish entry but it just doesn’t have enough mass appeal imo.
    My Top 9 after the rehearsals. 1 Romania 2 Iceland 3 Albania 4 Switzerland
    5 Belgium 6 Latvia 7 Greece 8 Finland 9 Montenegro

  4. I only watched Greece, Albania and Romania. Both Albania and Romania were excellent yet totally different, one sending shivers down my spine and the other one making me sing and dance along. Unfortunately, Greece stays in the bin, in fact, it has even slipped a bit further down into the bin after today’s messy rehearsal.

  5. I’ve got to say… today was a mix of perfect rehearsals and a bit…. horror….

    My top 9:

    1. Iceland
    2. Latvia
    3. Romania
    4. Finland
    5. Greece
    6. Albania
    7. Belgium
    8. Switzerland
    9. Montenegro

  6. LATVIA and BELGIUM were AMAZING and pleasent with great vocals!! Romania is very good! Montenegro is OK (can improve and will)! Finland is nice…Everything else for me is garbage…Albania smells on FAIL so much…vocals are not great at all…quite contrary with stupid and horrible stage effects, her BELOW AWFUL and DISGUSTING hair and outfit, and scary screams, which sound out of tune in some moments – like screaming animal in jungle (she performed better earlier, this sounded weaker and everybody who is realistic would admit)

    @ Toggie

    Ho, ho, ho, now you forget about your comments for Romania and you sing along! 😉 lol But don’t worry I remember them, and also don’t worry, that wasn’t her outfit for semi, she will be almost naked for semi again like in video! 😉

    • I never said that I disliked Romania this year. I always said that the song was generic but that Mandinga were good live performers. They were my runner-up in the Romanian final and they have always been in the ok section on my list. I only said that I thought that Elena had an unfortunate predilection for slutty outfits … Thus nothing has changed. Feel free to quote me anytime. 🙂

  7. I fall for Belgium more and more!!!

    WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCE of 17 years old girl!! I don’t care for results, in ESC always modern and world class ballads fail, so I don’t pay a single shit for ESC results, I’m glad i can see smth world class like Iris and that is enough for me!!

    I lost ALL, literally ALL respect for ESC result after Annet Artani failed to qualify in 2006, that was SHAMEFUL, shame on you ESC, I’m still speechless after 6 years for that!! that breathtaking performance, and entry will go on TOP in any other festival and in ESC it goes to bottom! ESC is perfect place for FORBIDDEN singers like Rona Nishliu, for some garbage like Rona Nishliu, for smth that can be only appreciated in ESC and when it steps out of ESC it looses al credibility, it is actually shameful beyond borders! I can’t believe that in ESC entries like that are progressive and those which are really good for outside of ESC are always punnished! :/ Since that happens ESC will be marginal festival unfortunately, and never will attract popular world singers (from UK for example)!

  8. And OMFG, seriously what happened to Greta from Iceland, she looks like she was sleeping on the beach under the sun and 42 degrees for hours! :S Or like somebody baked her in microwave! Really horrible, and also her face is lke monkey’s face, like somebody has pinched her!! 😦 :/
    I speak this with big surprise because I really thought how she’s beautiful in Icelandic NF and now this.. i really dunno what happened..
    btw song is boring as hell…that was such a definition of ESC is actually an ESC cliche on the level that it turns into disgusting stuff,,and I’m really shocked that Toggie likes that too much..because usually he hated ESC cliches a lot…but maybe as he gets older he appreciate ESC cliche more and more.,..that’s normal to me, because when somebody follows ESc for so many years and comments all the year round in ESC sites, naturally reaction is to start to be familiar so smth very caracteristic for it, it’s quite normal, I hope If I continue to be ESC fan, which I doubt because it is more and more disgusting festival with worse songs and especially results every year, that I won’t start to like cliches like this…and I also heard that ppl when getting older start to like cliches more and more in every aspect of their lives…that is natural I guess..

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