Belgium: Another ballad successfully rehearsed!

Iris the Belgian representative for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest has successfully performed her calm ballad ‘Would You?’ at the Crystal Hall.

The Screens showed a purple forest, then in the same forest some purple bubbles began to go up. There was also a light effect. Iris was joined by 3 backing singers on stage.

Here is the impression of her first rehearsal:


3 comments on “Belgium: Another ballad successfully rehearsed!

  1. Underrated? Perhaps so, but this is one of a few ballads sung in English and I think this might just help it along, whether she qualifies though is another matter.

  2. A cute entry, but I can’t see any sign that this will qualify. It has nothing memorable at all. It is worse than bad (by qualification standards), it is forgettable.

  3. For me this is VERY POSITIVE SURPRISE and can rise on my list! Performance is nice and I smell i will like their outfit, I also like the voice and that ballad is very pleasent for me…works AMAZING on the stage, she sings everything in tune, from A to Z and vocals are AWESOME…I dunno why all call it anonymous, bad, boring etc.. :/ It’s unfair..UNDERRATED! 😦 I hope jury will recognize quality of it! if you ask me this girl (age of 17!!!!) BLEW (granny) Rona Nishliu with everything possible in rehearsal, from vocal to stage presence! LITERALLY BLEW HER! If one is realistic, he/she would admit that..simple as that! 😉
    And till now the best effects on the stage by far for me…

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