Greenroom & Stage design revealed!

The design of the Stage and the Greenroom of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest has been revealed. It is a cutting edge design, never seen before.

It has a really futuristic design but also has another Azerbaijani traditional features, specially the greenroom. Now we are really convinced that Azerbaijan will give us the Best Eurovision Song Contest!

Check it out!



11 comments on “Greenroom & Stage design revealed!

    • It’s strange… is collapsed with screens and a bit distorted…. Hope that does not ruin the sensation of ESC!!

    • I do like it. It seems not to rely only on led screens. Those shapes are intriguing and unusual nowadays. Atm, I think that the stage looks promising.

      • As I said… it’s strange… but I don’t really know if my view is good or bad… I know I WILL be surprised at the real moment… but now, and because it’s only a 3D design… it’s a bit awkward!!

  1. Nina Badric is in the most popular TV show in Serbia catm, performing “Nebo”!

    Stage looks great!! And @ Shevek, SamsMichael don’t dare to make bad comments about Valentina Monetta’s entry!! :@ LOOL 😀 😀 😛

    • LOL! I’m not saying something bad from Valentina, indeed the song is good… not my top ten but it’s good!! 😉 Nice to tear from you again!!! 😀 😀

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