Winners to perform as interval act on the Second Semifinal!

The winners of the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 contests will perform as interval acts in the Second Semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. If you don’t remember them, they are Marija Serifovic (Serbia) Dima Bilan (Russia) Alexander Rybak (Norway) Lena (Germany) Ell & Nikki (Azerbaijan). On the stage they will be accompanied by traditional Azerbaijani instruments.

The song they will perform has not been performed already.

Right now, in the Crystal Hall, technical tests are being made in order to guarantee a successful contest. Rehearsals will begin on Sunday, let’s hope we get a sneak peak of this and the other interval acts.

11 comments on “Winners to perform as interval act on the Second Semifinal!

  1. I am looking forward to Marija and Lena most. And Lena will probably insist on singing live. If I remember correctly, she did playback only once in her life, and that was at an outdoor event. The temperatures were too low to sing live.


    The best are Nigar and Eldar! ;-**
    It’s really strange and stupid to see last year winners performing in semifinal…they SHOULD and MUST be in the final!! GOSH! :/

    @ Toggie

    i doubt she can sing live all others will sing playback! It won’t be possible..

  3. This year we will have 10 songs without a word in English, one of them is already in the final – Spain, I’m curious to see how many will join it in the final, I predict 2, maximum 3!

  4. I wonder if this was what Alexander Rybak expected would be his international career in a couple of years ago. To perform this fiddle song again and again and again on different ESC events.

    My favourite of these are Marija Serifovic. Is she still doing political support for Tomislav Nikolic, as she was doing in 2008, which caused some controversies?

    • No she doesn’t! lol 😀

      SNP of Tomislav Nikolic recieved 73 places in parliament in these elections, but yesterday SPS (44 places) and DS of Boris Tadic (68 places) agreed to make a government again, like in previosu 4 years, together with small national parties of Hungarians and Bosniaks…

      • That’s good news. I like and respect Boris Tadic a lot. He is one of those pragmatic guys who do what is sensible and necessary without making a big fuss.

  5. @ Toggie

    Yes, I agree about that, but he must go with SPS which is Milosevic’s part, because they received many places in parliament now – 44 :O, that is 16% of votes in parliament elections, 4 years ago, they received 7%!!! He must go with them, if he wants to avoid SNP – Tomislav Nikolic, because other parties doesn’t have enough places to make government..
    And on 20th May it will be second round of president elections, Tadic vs Nikolic, i expect Tadic no to win because Ivica Dacic SPS will make government with him and those majority of those 16% will vote for Tadic!

    • Let’s hope that Tadic will win the presidential elections then. Btw, my daily paper wrote that the SPS has turned all pro-European all of a sudden. Is that true? Have they realised that Serbia will only get anywhere if they push integration? Or is it just a strategy?

  6. I have to go and prepare dinner now. Btw, I will give you one example why I admire Boris Tadic. I have no idea whether he personally wanted those responsible for the wars to be tried in The Hague or not but he sent them there anyway and for a very simple reason. Because it was best for Serbia. That’s a guy I can trust, and that’s true and honest patriotism in contrast to all those guys talking about how great the motherland is all the time, antagonising everyone else, causing conflicts and even wars. Unfortunately, the latter bunch seems to be on the rise in many European countries because of the insecurities caused be recent developments. I am very happy that things in Serbia go in the opposite direction atm.

    Sorry for being off-topic!

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