Eurovision Battle: Final results!

Hello readers, I’m pleased to say that the last poll of this year’s Eurovision Battle is closed and that we have a winner, personally I want to add that, despite being the first year of this blog we received more than 1000 votes so I want to thank you all, and that I’m not surprised a lot with the winner, but i’m glad she won!

And well here are the results.

1st place with 18 points: Sweden! Loreen wins the Eurovision Battle 2012!

2nd place with 9 points: Iceland! Gréta & Jónsi take the second place not bad at all!

3rd place with 8 points: Italy & The Netherlands! Nina and Joan are tied for a good spot!

4th place with 7 points: Bosnia & Herzegovina

5th place with 5 points: Albania

Well, the first edition of Eurovision Battle has come to an end, hope you enjoyed it! See you next year!

Tell us, what you think about the results? Have your say below!


7 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Final results!

    • I was sure that Italy would win until I checked Nina’s very underwhelming live performances of ‘L’amore …’. As a result I do not have a clue, for the first time ever since 2005. Right now I’d say … still Italy or Serbia … or Azerbaijan again … or Sweden by Nina’s default … or with a BANG The Netherlands after they were lost and forgotten for so many years. I think that I will have to wait for the rehearsals this year.

  1. Congratulations Sweden! 😛

    I think that the Top 10 in Eurovision 2012 will be:
    1. Italy
    2. Sweden
    3. Spain
    4. Serbia
    5. France
    6. United Kingdom
    7. Norway
    8. Iceland
    9. Germany
    10. Estonia or Russia

  2. Congratulations, Loreen. This songs seems to be unbeatable when there are ESC fans involved. We’ll soon see how it will fare outside that audience.

  3. I voted for the top 2 ( Sweden and Iceland ) LOL !
    Loreen will win the 2012 edition , SWEDEN 12 seems to appeal to almost everyone except from Shevek and Togravus :P.
    Overall , nice job eurovisiondiary and great results, The top 6 in the Grand Final is almost flawless !
    MY 2012 ( pre-contest )TOP 7 :
    I would be thrilled with any of the above winning in Baku!
    For the rest 3 spots in my top 10 , there will be a battle among Finland , Denmark , Croatia , Italy and Serbia!
    Israel , Austria and Germany are still in the game.Everything will depend on their LIVE performance ! Let’s enjoy ! Eurovision 2012 is almost here !

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