Sweden: Loreen performing without playback, Judge yourself!

The Swedish entrant for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has recently performed live on an UNICEF charity event aired by SVT.

Loreen has never performed without playback before, it is time to know how good is she singing live.

Judge yourself!


18 comments on “Sweden: Loreen performing without playback, Judge yourself!

  1. Oh no WordPress does not allow that kind of player, well at least you can watch it (:
    And talking about Loreen, I don’t like that much how she performs live.
    Train your vocals, you have a great song, don’t waste it!

    • Well… she can improve. I wasn’t born a singer, but sometimes I sing. It’s hard to learn to proyect your voice. I started with a very low volume. The other day I went to a party and a friend had a karaoke there, so I sang Ojos así, a Shakira song. They were impressed. I don’t think I did it fantastic, but I can defend myself. Btw, I’m not a professional singer or anything like that. I just sing as a hobbie. I hate when there’s playback in a live presentation. Specially when it’s with someone who doesn’t need it and can improve.

      • I love Ojos Asi! Hope you did it good! And yes, for example Cyprus doesn’t need any playback, but i don’t know why they put it…. do they want her vpice as a surprise??

      • Maybe, who knows? My friends say i did it good, but I know I missed some notes. Let’s see what happens on stage. Will they rely on playback, or will they actually become real singers?

      • As I know, they are not allowed to sing on playback… So they’ll sing with their own voice!!

  2. You can know which one is with playback and live…. anyway, I think she has to train and make a good effort during the semifinal and final…. good luck!

  3. I still hope that Loreen won’t win because I fear the damage Björkman and others would do to ESC if the contest was held in Sweden next year.

    • Remember last year, which for example Sweden had everything to win – other countries too – but a country we wouldn’t expect winning won…. It wasn’t the favorite, but it won!! Let’s hope this year it happens the same!! And BTW…. I think the song it’s not for winning eurovision…. It’s very “strange” and sometimes the judges from each country don’t like that…

      • I don’t think that Ell/Nikki’s victory was a surprise last year. In fact, I said that they would win after I had listened to the studio version for the first time and kept repeating that they would win until the very end. I am not so sure this year. Right now, I would say Italy but then Nina’s live performances of ‘L’amore …’ have been rather underwhelming so far. Apart from Italy with better vocals, I do not see an obvious winner this year. Serbia perhaps … or it might be one of those years in which we get a real surprise (like in 2000). In that case, I’d put my money on the Netherlands. We are living in hard times, and Joan’s song is just perfect for making everyone feel happy and blithe for 3 minutes. If she manages to spread the innocent and positive mood of her song in a really convincing way, I can see the Netherlands coming back with a bang after so many years in which they were lost and forgotten.

      • I like the studio version of “L’amore…” but then it comes to live and all my hopes go down a little bit…. I keep saying, when I first heard You and Me from The Netherlands, I thought “This is it!”, because it’s not a pop, dancing song but it’s very simple, with a love story behind the song, Joan it’s very innocent and looks very nice (I love the way she was in the concert held in Amsterdam, with the feather falling on her hair… I like it better like this than the way she was in the national selection!!) and even though it’s not as popular as Sweden or Norway, many people keep saying “and what about Joan?? She is very good… it could bake a good impression!!”. I can bet she will do great at ESC!!!

  4. Her live performance comes across as disjointed. The song is just another dance track with pretty much vapid lyrics. Loreen tries to give it depth with her body language, but she ends up looking vaguely silly. She will have to sing 100% live and go through the known and not so vaguely silly choreography in Baku. We’ll see.

    • Sometimes I think that it’s interesting the way she moves, but as I watch the video again it gets very boring… imo, with this dance and her voice live, she will descend a few places on the scoreboard!

  5. @ Toggie

    In Balkan countries jury can vote for The Netherlands, but not televoting! The Netherlands maximum can do is Tom Dice for Belgium me thinks!

    On the other hand Loreen can win, Sweden had many better results than The Netherlands in televoting and combined era! And I can see in Balkan countries both televoting and jury voting for Loreen!

    • This year is really tough to predict imo because there is no song that will obviously appeal to juries and televoters in all parts of Europe (still Italy with good vocals excepted). Perhaps the winning song will get significantly less points than recent winners because people vote for totally different stuff in different parts of Europe. Perhaps the winner will not even need to be successful everywhere like Dima Bilan, who hardly got any points from Western and Northern Europe. Well, I would love to have a really exciting voting with a nail-biting finish again. It has been a while …

      • One can only hope that we don’t get a voting like last year, when 20 of all 25 songs in the final got at least one douze points.

  6. I thought her vocal performance was rather good in this actually and her idiosyncratic performance style elevates this rather generic dance-pop track to something much more decent. Still, I hope the Netherlands are able to win this year, although I’d love to see ESC hosted in Estonia again!

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