Lithuania: €23,300 donated for Eurovision!

Last Tuesday, a fundraising concert was held in Lithuania, in order to sponsor the Lithuanian participation at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The concert was broadcasted by LRT.

A total of 80.000 Litai (Lithuanian currency) were donated, 80,000 litai are rughly €23,000.

The concert, entitled Bukime kartu (Stay together) was broadcast on LTV (LRT’s tv channel) on May Day. Donny Montell shared the stage with other popular Lithuanian singers and bands – Linas Adomaitis (Lithuania 2004), Sasha Song (Eurovision 2009), Monika Linkyte, Rosita Civilyte, Edmundas Seilius, Kristina Zmailaite, Kastytis Kerbedis, Justas Lapatinskas, Aiste Petkeviciute, LRT group led by Dainiaus Pulausko and gospel choir Sounds in G.


3 comments on “Lithuania: €23,300 donated for Eurovision!

  1. I’m sure that this year Lithuania will not be in the final. And in 2013 he will withdraw from the contest, unfortunately… 😦

  2. Donnie has a good voice but unfortunately, his English is very weak and does not sound pleasant. His song is total crap too. I am really sorry, but I cannot see Lithuania in the final this year by any stretch of the imagination, not even from perfect starting position 19. Honestly, the Lithuanian broadcaster should seriously rethink its approach to ESC. They have only sent two quality songs in the last 10 years (2007, 2009) and many of their entries were just laughable or an offense to anyone being forced to endure those three Lithuanian minutes in front of the TV set. Good luck, get your act together and please don’t withdraw. Georgia needs your annual 12 points … LOL

  3. Donny’s song is by no means laughable. And why should anyone care about his English language if the accent is not apparent in his singing. There were entries with far more apparent accents (for e.g., Cyprus, Moldova). I’ve seen his performance at the finale, and I must say, with the exception of a couple of moments where his facial expressions did not match emotions supposedly being conveyed by the lyrics, it was actually quite good. The music had a winning formula – combining a few classics into the mix, the lyrics were ok, and he carried the song pretty pretty well in my opinion, with no weakness in the voice from start to finish.

    Best of luck in the future to Donny and the team behind this song.

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