Serbia: ‘Su Amor Me Venció’ released!

The Serbian entrant has released the Spanish version of Nije Ljubav Stvar the song representing Serbia at this year’s Eurovision song contest, this version is called ‘Su Amor Me Venció’ (Her love won me)

In this version of the Song he duets with Samuel Cuenda.

You can listen it below!



54 comments on “Serbia: ‘Su Amor Me Venció’ released!

  1. I actually prefer this version to the ESC version. The duet gives the song more strength and energy … and I can sing along. Well done!

    • You will receive tomorrow or on Sunday some pics from Spindleruv Mlyn, Snezka peak, Prague, Moravsky Kras – propast Macocha (Moravian karst – Macocha abyss), Punkva cave, Karpacz in Poland (Norwegian Wang stave church)! :))))

      • I look forward very much to seeing those pics. It sounds as if it was a fantastic trip. 🙂 Btw, when Karpacz was German, it was called Krummhübel-Brückenberg … I guess that everyone trying to pronounce the place’s name is very relieved that it is Polish now. 🙂

  2. Yes Toggie, I know that name, and I know story how Wang church was placed in Karpacz, German king bought it from Norway, but then it was sent to Karkonozse mountains because countess Von Radden from Lower Slezia asked for that! 🙂 It was brought by water rafts on Odra river and then by horses! it is originally from Wang lake in Southern Norway!! i wanna go to Norway BADLY!!!!!

    • I have never visited that church myself but did some research on the net after you told us that you have been there. It seems to be a very interesting building with a very interesting story. Migrating churches … just like the Cloisters in New York. 🙂

      In Poland, I have only been to Szczecin (my dad’s place of birth), Gdansk, Malbork, Szczytno (my mum’s place of birth), Warszawa and Kraków. Kraków is AMAZING! In Szczytno we could visit our old family mansion. The people living there now were very friendly and my parents are still in e-mail contact with them. 🙂

      And I agree, Norway is fantastic. Stunning landscapes and many great monuments to visit. Being a sucker for churches, I liked Trondheim Cathedral best.

      • Firstly German king wanted to place it on one island near Berlin, but later decided to transport it to Karpacz Gorny (Upper Karpacz) where it can be church for Lutherans living in Karpacz and its surrounding!

        WOW you have been to a lot places in Poland, i have been to Karpacz now and earlier to Zakopane, have never been to any city there (only tourists resorts, but Zakopane is BIG almost like some city), have you visited Zakopane from Krakow maybe?

        And Snezka peak in in both Poland and Czech republic, and when you climb there you go by path called “Path of Czech – Polish friendship” because it goes on border..and on the Snezka peak there is a big restaurant which is actually on the Polish side!

        I prefer small wooden churches so I would like to see stave churches in Norway like this one, there are 29 stave churches in Norway now and one in Poland (in the world)!!

      • Wow! you both have visited most of the countries I’ve ever wished to visit! And you togravus you really have Polish ancestors? That’s so cool! (: Sadly I don’t have any!

      • Really Mexico?? :O

        My group, where I have danced for 12 years, was in Mexico in September last year, in Monterey folklor festival and in Ciudad Mexico! If I stayed in the group (I leaved in may last year) I would visit it! 😦 But OK, maybe one day!

        I have met a group from Guadalajara in France few years ago, they had great folklor! 🙂

  3. @mb
    It would have been nice that you came! Monterrey is amazing, I have been there, but sadly now it is really unsafe, everyday there are at least 4 shootings between drugdealers and the army, actually that is almost every were, but if you come there are safe cities like Cancun which is a Tropical paradice, to Puebla etc… So if someday you come let me now

  4. @ MYD, It is a bit unclear whether I have Polish ancestry or not. The cities my parents were born in were both German at the time, but there has always been talk of one great-great-great-grandmother being Polish. Well, we will never know … but it is definite that I have some French ancestry. 🙂

    Btw, I have been to all European countries except Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus and Moldova. Outside of Europe, I haven’t been to many countries. I lived in New York for a year and have been on holiday in Morocco, Algeria, Tunesia, Egypt, Israel and Jordan. Yes, I LOVE the Mediterranean. 🙂 And I have been to around 20 other countries on business trips but seeing the airport, a business hotel and a conference room doesn’t count as visiting a country imo. 😦

    Finally, I have an aunt who lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Some years ago, she tried to move back to Germany but only lasted a year. Germans can be very cold and she missed the warm-hearted Mexicans so much that she returned to Guadalajara after only one year. I have never visited her but hope to do so in the future.

    • Yes! if you come let me know too! Guadalajara’s Downtown is Amazing and what a coincidence, you’ve been in almost all Europe and I’ve been in almost all Latin America except Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Salvador 😀

      • When I was a small boy, I always wanted to visit Ecuador because I loved that country’s name but my parents insisted on doing Europe’s main cultural routes first … there are so many of them that they hadn’t finished that education project when I moved out in order to attend university.
        Btw, I have been to Canada too … but only to the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. Does that count? LOL

        The only boring country in Europe I have visited is Liechtenstein. Yes, they have mountains there, but the landscape is much more impressive some kilometers to the east in Austria’s Vorarlberg state. And the only historic monument is the castle, which isn’t open to visitors because the prince resides there. The rest is letterbox companies and banks helping obscenely rich people from other countries to evade taxes. On the other hand, most other microstates rock and are among my favourite places in Europe, Malta and Andorra in particular. 🙂 I like San Marino too and Monaco would be nice without all those super rich people who think that they are the most important and beautiful thing in the world … 😦

    • Yes small! 😀

      @ MyEurovisionDiary

      1. What is your name?
      2. From which city in mexico you are?
      3. Do you like this Spanish version of our song, and do you like original Serbian version?

  5. Right now this song could be in my top 5…. and I finally understand the song!! The duet is powerful, really awesome, and i love the lyrics! Each time I hear the song, it makes me feel very good inside…. Every time I like it more and more!! Hope makes very good at the contest!!!

  6. @Togravus I really recommend Ecuador, when I went there I visited Quito and Guayaquil both beautiful cities and a Monument that it is exactly on the Equator.
    And I would love to visit every single country In Europe.
    And well beside those Latin American countries that I’ve visited, I’ve been in the US in Canada (yes, Niagara falls count 😀 ) Bahamas, and Turks & Caicos (both breathtaking)

    • One of my mum’s former employes moved to the Bahamas. She and her husband have a diving school there now. Unfortunately, we lost contact. 😦 Oh my, there are so many fantastic places one should visit that it is so hard to decide what to do next. However, I have set my mind on doing the Balkans properly as soon as I can take 6 weeks off.

    • OMG!!!! @MyeurovisionDiary I thought you were german! Don’t ask me why, I just thought so.
      Soy ecuatoriana. De hecho soy de Guayaquil. y el ,monumento que mencionas se llama Mitad del Mundo. También me encanta este hermoso festival.
      I haven’t visited any european country. I hope I’ll do it someday. Like a certain song says: someday, somehow. =)
      How old are you? Do you know anything about OTI festival? Me han dicho que antes había este festival que podía competir fácilmente con ESC, pero no sé xq dejó de realizarse. No es lo mismo leer un insípido informe de una página en comparación con que alguien me relate de sus vivencias en este festival. =P

      • Encerio eres Ecuatoriana? Que padre y luego de Guayaquil me gusto mucho tu país! Y sobre el festival OTI si, si lo conozco y segun me acuerdo se dejó de realizar por falta de interés y de patrocinadores.
        Vivencias con OTI, pues sinceramente no jaja nunca lo llegue a ver en el 2000 cuando fue el último yo tenia 10 años.

      • Qué pena que se dejara de hacer el OTI. El dato de los patrocinadores no lo conocía. Yo tenía 12 años en esa época.
        Me encantaría visitar Mexico. =)
        Qué lindo que te haya encantado mi ciudad y mi país.

      • @HarunaKisaragiKontong Gracias ojalá que si vengas algún día! Por cierto, tu nunca supiste que OTI a lo mejor regresaba este año? Que según esto iba a ser aquí en México y que Groenlandia y Bahamas iban a debutar

  7. Also, Marko and Togravus
    If you plan to come to Mexico the places that you MUST visit are:
    Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Veracruz (breathtaking city), Guanajuato, León (my city), Monterrey, Mérida, Zacatecas and Mexico City!
    You wont regret!

  8. OMG… I admire you three! I thought I was lucky for knowing that the farthest place i have been to from Spain is Colombia (Maybe USA to Chicago… but I was just in the airport to a connection flight) and from Colombia (Where I’m from) to Italy… I really want to do someday a whole Europe tour visiting all countries!! I want to do that to in America, but first Europe…. it would be a lot more interesting!! I hope I will do that someday… maybe…

  9. Yes, Norway is the stave church country indeed. Though both England and Sweden have one stave church each too. Stave churches are impressive, also by cultural historical reasons since they are some sort of marking bridges between pagans and Christians. You can see shadows of the pagan age in the architecture. Helene Böksle’s sweeping song “Vardlokk” is about that, the point in history when paganism and Christianity some sort of clashed.

    • I ADORE that entry! 🙂 :-**

      So Wang church official site is wrong, they don’t mention those stave churches in Sweden and England! :/

      Look here:

      I liked this the most:
      “The half-columns, which make decorative door frames, depict the Viking warriors’ faces, with their forked tongues sticking out. Such tongues represented the passing of knowledge and wisdom onto the following generations.”

      • LOL … I love the passage you have quoted. 🙂

        @ MYD, All those cities look great. When the Football World Cup was in Mexico, our commentators said that Querétaro was very nice too.

      • Oh yes Querétaro! The Corregidora House and the Downtown are gorgeous, I’ve been there and despite it is beautiful I did not enjoyed it at all because it was so hot, I was starving and I was really thirsty hehe.
        You may ask ‘Why i did not bought anything?’ It is because it was in a school trip, everybody was literally dying and the guides did not cared about it!

      • @Marko

        Do you know “Starlight”, the Maltese runner-up entry from 2007? Your citated line remembered me of that song with its over-the-top epic lyrics:

        Shadows on the walls
        In castles forlorn
        Where heroes were born
        To the battlecries

        The Vikings were appearently quite bizarre sometimes. Their cults that are described in Snorri Sturluson’s “Flateyjarbók” proves that, at least.

    • Yeah I know, but In Europe teachers are really resepected right? Well here, it is like HELL because for example in my school We’ve made teachers to quit because they can’t stand us and also we’ve made teachers cry so imagine

      • Well, teachers are the occupational group with the highest percentage of inability to work / early retirement here in Germany too. However, how bad it is mainly depends on the type of school and the area the school is in. Teaching in a Hauptschule (the ‘lowest’ school in our 3-tier system) on a Berlin sink estate isn’t fun for sure but teaching in a small affluent town’s Gymnasium (school for the most gifted students) is still pretty nice.

  10. @ Toggie

    Have you ever been to Lissadell in Ireland, Dervish sings about in 2007 – “And from Lisssadell to Latvia, we are singing as one clan”? 😀 😀

    • No, but I have been to Lisdoonvarna. LOL
      We even used the town in the English language cabaret I did with two friends at university, giving out the Lisdoonvarna award for the most old-fashioned and boring class on Irish Literature every term.

  11. @Togravus well I still think that here is Hell for teachers (: Also the politeness level of Germany is WAY HIGHER than here in Mexico. by the way I gotta go to a ‘Quinces Party’ see you soon (:

    • Have a good time!

      @ Sir Shakespeare, I love Trilogy’s “Starlight” but my runaway winner in Malta’s best NF final ever were Scar. Oh my, in the end they sent Olivia to Helsinki … How did that happen? LOL

  12. @togravus

    But poor Olivia had tried like 11 times to win. The audience couldn’t be that cold hearted denying her a ticket once again… And yes, I might be weird, but I do really like “Vertigo”. It’s chaotic and explosive like hell, but I sort of enjoy all its maximum drama madness! The song was ruined by Olivia’s voice in Helsinki, yes.

    My relationship with Malta is so bizarre. My favourite Maltese entry in 1992 for example, is the jollyish “Sunshine and rainbows” with Enzo Gusman. And in 2008, “My last encore” with Mary Spiteri and so on… Makes no sense at all; but maybe that’s what music taste is supposed to not do?

    Now, I realised that I haven’t comment the duet. Quite impressive in Spanish, I must say.

    • Yes, but what good did that success do poor Olivia? Now she is back in remote Baħrija doing God knows what to make ends meet. I agree that the song is pretty camp yet perfectly fine in studio version but her live vocals and the OTT performance (half-naked J & J, the gong, the fans etc.) turned it into an rather embarrassing campfest. My sis sent a vote because it represented Malta … and she shares my love for those splendid islands in the sun.

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