Azerbaijan: Press Centre equipped with 500 computers!

EBU has published information related to operations of the press center in Baku.

The Press Centre will open on 12th of May and close in the morning on the 27th of May. The Press Centre is located next to the Crystal Hall and has an overall area of 5 000 m2.

The Working Area will have room for over 900 journalists. There will be 500 workstations fully equipped with computers with pre-installed office applications and antivirus programmes and over 400 partially equipped workstations. All workstations will have high speed internet connection and printing facilities. The whole area will be equipped with TV screens so that the press can follow rehearsals, press conferences and live shows.

The Press Conference Area will have room for 500 people and about 60 camera teams. Camera crews and radio journalists will be able to use sound box to tape- record the conferences. This area will be used for press conferences, photo calls, draws after the two Semi-Finals and the Winner’s Press Conference after the Final. As in past two years, the delegations can choose among four different types of press meetings after their first rehearsal: Intimate setting press conference, One-to-one interviews, Photo moment, Fan meet & greet. After the second rehearsal, all countries will hold a regular press conference in the Press Conference Area.

In the working zone alongside the Press Conference Area, there are several rooms equipped with chairs, logo backdrops, and proper light for conducting interviews. All members of the press are welcome to use these interview boxes on a first- come, first-served basis.

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