Introducing 2012: Spain!

All the entries for the 2012 contest have been selected and now My Eurovision Diary will introduce them to you!

Entrant: Pastora Soler

Pastora Soler was born in Seville in 1978. She is a precocious artist who started singing songs from her birth land before the age of eight, and has professionally performed for more that eighteen years now.

She has played with dance rhythms, fused music with Arab overtones, rendered homage to the Brazilian samba, dived into songwriting, and made the best melodic music evolve. Her successful tours have taken her to Turkey, Egypt, Latin America and the USA.

With nine studio albums and a greatest hits record on the market, Pastora has gained three platinum certifications and four gold ones. Throughout her career, she has also received important awards. And she has joined forces with such famous artists as Alejandro Sanz, Armando Manzanero, Raphael, Malú or Miguel Poveda to name but a few.

Her 2010 release, a live album that celebrates her 15 years of career as a recording artist, 15 Años, won Best Copla Album at the Spanish Music Awards and was nominated for the 2011 Latin Grammy Award for Best Flamenco Album.

Entry: Quédate Conmigo (Stay with me)

As Pastora was internally selected by TVE, Quédate Conmigo was selected through a national final, it was competing against Ahora o Nunca (Now or Never) and Tu Vida es tu Vida (Your life is your life).

The song is composed by Antonio Sánchez, Thomas G:son & Erik Bernholm and penned by Antonio Sánchez.

For those who don’t know Spanish here is the translation:

Forgive me for the unbroken silence
For not realizing you were my all
Forgive me if I hurt you

Forgive me for every tear
I brought into your eyes
I’m not worthy of them
But the one thing I know now
Is that I can’t live
Without you near me

Stay with me
Don’t go

Please forgive me
If I couldn’t love you the way you deserved
My heart didn’t belong to me
Stay with me
Stay with me
When shadows fall, I’ll raise the sun

My memories are gone
Except for those I have of you
Touching your skin
Loving you

Stay with me
Don’t go

Please forgive me
If I couldn’t love you the way you deserved
My heart didn’t belong to me
Stay with me
Stay with me
When shadows fall, I’ll raise the sun

And now I see you walk away
I beg you, stay for one more day

Tomorrow we will introduce the German entry,it will be the last entry to be introduced!


3 comments on “Introducing 2012: Spain!

  1. Spain 2012 is among the fans’ favorite ballads but to my ears and brains it is among the weaker ones which is a shame because Pastora is probably the best live vocalist this year and I really love some of her copla inspired non ESC stuff. This generic G:son ballad executed in quality screaming style is simply not good enough for such a great artist, and the lyrics are terribly lame in a (stereo)typically (melo)dramatic way. However, in 1995 Anabel Conde blew me away live with a similar song, and I certainly hope that Pastora will do the same in May. 6/12 and 25th place on my pre-rehearsals list.

  2. Pastora sings very well live, but her ballad is hollow and lacking in subtlety. It reminds me of a freight train going by. It’s sounds loud and then it’s gone and forgotten. Good luck.

  3. One of the best ballads I’ve ever seen in Eurovision.
    What an amazing voice, music and raindrop background.

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