Eurovision Battle: GRAND FINAL!

Hello readers, we have finally arrived to the last phase of Eurovision Battle, just in 4 days we will know who is the winner, this might be a little competition, but it helps to know the fan favorites!

However, in the grand final, the contenders will be:

  • Sweden
  • the Netherlands
  • Albania
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Iceland
  • Italy


  • You may vote for your top 2 just once
  • If there is a tie for the first place, there will be a Superfinal, in order to untie the countries
  • Voting will remain open for four days

And here are the videos, think clear! Enjoy!

And finally here is the poll to cast your vote! See you in four days with the winner!


8 comments on “Eurovision Battle: GRAND FINAL!

  1. Wow…. I can’t Imagine this, 5 songs top 10 and 2 songs top 5 are in my list…. This will be VERY tough…. I’ll think it for a couple of days and will make my decision… I know that I won’t vote for Albania because, although she has a good voice, I don’t like the song niether the lyrics… Loreen is one of my favourites, but now I realize that I don’t listen to the song “Euphoria” as much as The Netherlands or Italy. B&H it’s great, but it was much later from the announcement that she was going to represent B&H that I heard it… I could just heard it less than 10 times, but she is a great singer with a nice ballad. Iceland is composed by this gorgeous duet and the song has a lot to talk about; I kind of liked them at the first beginning, and now is my 6th in my order… The Netherlands is very happy, very joyful, and the singer is very sweet and innocent… It was the first song I heard that I loved and is in my top 3, honestly! Italy is in my top 10 but unfortunately just 7th, it’s a catchy song, the singer is very good and I must say it would be competing against Sweden or The Netherlands (even against Iceland) to getting my votes!!

    Let’s see if I can clear my mind and make the right decision!!

  2. Wow! This was a tough decision seeing as this is basically my personal top 6 (although missing Israel), but I voted for Sweden and the Netherlands.

  3. 1. SWEDEN 10/12
    ICELAND 7/12
    ITALY 5/12
    ALBANIA 0/12

  4. Albania and BiH with Iceland and Italy just missing out. I like the Dutch song too and even Sweden 2012 is all right, even if it still reminds me of Gertrud.

  5. The Icelandic song confuses me to bits. It’s absolutely my kind of music; powerful, dramatic and ethnic with good lyrics and good singing. I should love it to bits, but for some reason, I don’t. I consider it to be good song, and it was my favourite in the Icelandic final, but it still doesn’t grab me completely. And what’s make me even more frustrated about this is that everyone else seems to love it. Maybe Thomas Lundin was right, who considered the song to be too “plastic and polished” to be a real quality ethnic act, I’m not sure about anything anymore. Especially since Montenegro is slowly becoming more and more one of my favourites this year…

  6. I won’t vote since I can’t choose which one to leave outside among Sweden , Albania and BiH. Iceland concludes my 2012 top 4 ! Then , there’s Netherlands ( my #7 this year ). All I know is that if there was a possibility not to vote one of these finalists , I would skip Italy which still is my #14 this year.
    Ok , I made my mind up : Sweden and Iceland for me ( just to make results more exciting :p )

  7. My ordering of the finalists:
    1. Albania 12/12
    2. Iceland 10/12
    3. Netherlands 8/12
    4. Bosnia & Herzegovina 8/12
    5. Italy 7/12
    6. Sweden 6/12

    All in all, a great bunch of songs in the final. Good luck to them all, but my votes are goign to Albania and Iceland.

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