OGAE Macedonia: Sweden 12 points!

The Macedonian OGAE Club has revealed their votes.
The 12 points were for Sweden, the 10 for Iceland and the 8 for Italy.
These are the full votes of the Macedonian club:
  • Sweden 12
  • Iceland 10
  • Italy 8
  • Germany 7
  • Hungary 6
  • Serbia 5
  • Turkey 4
  • Estonia 3
  • Denmark 2
  • Slovenia 1
And these are the current standings:
  1. Sweden 185
  2. Iceland 99
  3. Serbia 88
  4. Italy 85
  5. Norway 75
  6. Cyprus 56
  7. Spain 55
  8. Estonia 32
  9. France 28
  10. Denmark 26
  11. Germany 29
  12. Romania 22
  13. Russia 21
  14. Netherlands 21
  15. United Kingdom 20
  16. Greece 19
  17. Slovenia 11
  18. Switzerland 10
  19. Macedonia 08
  20. Hungary 06
  21. Azerbaijan 06
  22. Turkey 05
  23. Bosnia & Herzegovina 05
  24. Slovakia 04
  25. Finland 04
  26. San Marino 03
  27. Latvia 03
  28. Albania 02
  29. Israel 01

2 comments on “OGAE Macedonia: Sweden 12 points!

  1. Now, if someone is interested, I’ll continue with my weekly presentation of how the reviews of the songs in the Nordic Preview Show sounded this time. They reviewed the first twelve songs in the second semi-final. They were generally quiet critical of all these songs, and you can see how each person voted here:

    They did all agree that Zeljko’s new entry was a disappointment in comparison with “Lane moje”. Thomas Lundin thought that Kaliopi was like an “uncontrolled animal”, and it was meant as a complimant. On the other hand, he was provocated by the Dutch singer, wondering if her dress was a praising of Indians or racism… Gina thought the song was good, but that Joan was a real “jerk”. Kurt Calleja was considered to be a nice guy, but the song was plastic, they said. Måns completely disliked the Portuguese entry (how could he?!) and wondered how the other songs in the final had sounded. Lena Ph, on the other hand, was most wondering why the Bulgarian singer was so well-dressed while performing a techno-inspired song like that. And everybody in the panel was wondering about the dresses of the Slovenian backing singers. Gina did also say that she was really irritated by the backing singer who just enters and “think she owns the stage”… Then there was some disagreement between Måns and Lena about the Croatian song, but they were re-united by Loreen which got top marks by everybody. Thomas said that the song gave him an “Alexander Rybak-feeling”, and Christer said that for once, almost everyone of his colleagues in Europe are praising the Swedish entry…

    And finally, the six panel members were presenting their favourite ESC entry ever:

    Lena Philipsson: Hallelujah
    Måns Zelmerlöw: Tornerò
    Gina Dirawi: Ovo je Balkan
    Christer Björkman: My number one
    Lisette Pagler: Hold me now
    Thomas Lundin: Ein Lied kann eine Brücke sein

    • Thanks for the update. There seems to be a pattern. I rarely agree with Swedish votes in ESC and now this. I guess that I do not have Swedish taste, whatever that is.

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