Introducing 2012: Azerbaijan!

All the entries for the 2012 contest have been selected and now My Eurovision Diary will introduce them to you!

Entrant: Sabina Babayeva

Sabina was born on December 2nd, 1979 in Baku. It was her mother – a professional pianist – who introduced her little girl to the world of music. Sabina took singing far beyond a simple hobby, and it has become her world and soul. There are no weightless songs as each tells the stories and emotions from Sabina’s life not by hearsay because music has been in her life forever.

She graduated from the Asaf Zeynally College of Music with a degree in vocal arts, and since then has participated in many song competitions both in her country and abroad. In addition to all her musical talents, Sabina also holds a university degree in law.

Her first big victories happened in 2009 when she won the grand-prix at the young performers contest Amberstar in Latvia, as well as the grand-prix of the Slavic Star Contest in Russia. Earlier Sabina found success in many other festivals, for instance, in 1999 at the Baku city song contest “The Wave”, as the best performer of a foreign song. Sabina is a powerful singer with huge experience in jazz, soul, and pop music. She performs in theatre and she has played Fler de Lis in the Azerbaijani version of the world famous musical “Notre Dame De Paris“.

Entry: When the Music Dies

When the Music Dies was internally selected by Ictimai TV. The song is composed and penned by Anders Bagge, Johan Kronlund, Sandra Bjurman, Stefan Örn. Sandra Bjurman and Stefan Örn have taken part in the contest 2 times before as producers, they were behind Drip Drop, and Running Scared, the winning entry of last year’s contest.

This will be the first time that Azerbaijan skips the semifinals as a Host country.

The song is entirely sung in English, nevertheless Sabina has released an Azerbaijani version.

Tomorrow we will introduce the Spanish entry, note that the entries will be introduced according to the running order!


12 comments on “Introducing 2012: Azerbaijan!

  1. It is really strange. Last year, we had all those dull ballads (I only liked Cyprus and Slovenia) and this year, we have so many great ones and Azerbaijan adds another one to the long list of ballads I love or like this year. This time it is a dramatic soul ballad partly orchestrated with traditional Azerbaijani instruments which makes it quite unique imo. The lyrics are not outstanding but all right, I guess, I really like the ‘Cold, cold, cold’ bits. If Sabina manages to make her song soar live, I wouldn’t rule out ESC in Baku for the second year in a row. For now and without any live material to judge … 9/12 and 9th place on my pre-rehearsals list.

  2. This is a grower. It’s a beautiful and melodic song, vey well sung by Sabina. I hope that they do not go over the top when it comes to the stage presentation. Good luck.

    P.S.: They do use local instruments, but they have forgotten their authors and their language once again. Shame on you, Azerbaijan.

      • That is exactly the way German media tell us that the authorities in Azerbaijan react to any form of criticism … aggression, insults and slander. 😦 Thanks for confirming that you are in line with the Azerbaijani government! 😦 Do you know that you really give a bad image of your country? However, I am pretty sure that there are many open-minded and respectful people in Azerbaijan too. Unfortunately, they do not seem to visit ESC fan sites.

      • Togravus, I won’t answer to you. Because, You’re not the same Togravus I knew in ET. 😦

        PS: He insulted my country, I just answered him, and he deserved it!!!

  3. There has become some sort of tradition with foreign composers being bound to a special country. Stefan Örn and Sandra Bjurman in Azerbaijan, Andrej Babic in Portugal, Thomas G’son in Spain und so weiter. Strange.

    This song is a rather good one. R’n’b is not my cup of tea but it is well crafted and she seems to be a hell of a singer at least. Good luck.

  4. While I love her voice and I think the song is adequately-to-well crafted, I cannot get over the fact that I don’t hear any emotion when she’s singing. Maybe she’ll do it in the final, but until then, I hear a hollow, albeit beautiful, tune. It’s still the second-best Azerbaijani entry since their debut though.

  5. @ Alex, he did not insult your country, he criticised it for such an unimportant thing as the approach to ESC. There is a difference between criticising and insulting. And even if he insulted it, people living in democratic and open societies do not react by being aggressive. It is called freedom of speech!

    • “SHAME ON YOU, AZERBAIJAN”—>It’s not insult for my country??? NO COMMENT. You just make me mad, Togravus!!! :@

      • Young man, grow up, learn some manners and then I’ll entertain the idea of acknowledging your comments. Shame on you for being rude and shame on Azerbaijan for going on and on about how rich their culture is (and they are right, btw) and for hiring foreign authors and using a foreign language. I said the same about other countries in the past. Drink some tea, Alex.

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