Eurovision Battle: Qualifiers from the first semifinal!

Hello readers, we have the first countries that will qualify for the GRAND final of the Eurovision battle, with each closed poll we are closer to know who will be crowned winner of Eurovision Battle, there may be few voters still, but it’s still exiting!

Anyway, here are the results:

  1. Sweden – 18 points
  2. Netherlands – 11 points
  3. Albania – 10 points
  4. Portugal – 7 points
  5. Bulgaria – 4 points
  6. Slovenia – 3 points
  7. Montenegro – 2 points

Good Luck in the final for everybody!


3 comments on “Eurovision Battle: Qualifiers from the first semifinal!

  1. OK, Sweden will probably win this voting too. LOL The ESC community really is sth special and lives in its own musical universe. On our preview party 2 days ago, most non-ESC people used adjectives like “hollow”, “pretentious”, “dated” and annoying to describe Sweden 2012 … She only came 17th at the end of the day because some people who are into ESC a bit more gave some points.

  2. Great results once again!!! I voted for Albania and Sweden and they both made it ! I wish I could vote for Slovenia ( my #5 ) and Netherlands ( my #7 this year ) as well ! But Netherlands made it so no problem after all. And I strongly disagree with togravus : “Euphoria” as an ACT is not the usual Swedish eurovision hype…

  3. Albania made it through. Sweden will win this too apparently. ESC fans love it. Hollow, pretentious (that chreography is borderline ridiculous) and dated are good words to describe ‘Euphoria’.

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