Norway: Listen to the Acoustic version of ‘Stay’!

The Norwegian representative, Tooji has performed an acoustic version of his entry, ‘Stay’ on the TV show Senkveld of TV2.

During the Show Tooji said:”The original song is so poppy and synth, and I wanted to create a version closer to the soul of the song […] It may well be that we are recording this version in the studio next week.”

You can listen to the Acoustic version below!

5 comments on “Norway: Listen to the Acoustic version of ‘Stay’!

  1. Some songs should stay as they are. But I become a bit curious now to hear “Bana bana” in an acoustic version. Or “Stronger every minute” in a techno version. Or “Un premier amour” in a reggae version…


  2. I’m late in replying, but I must admit that the version sounds silly. I like how they worked the chorus. It actually sounds like it could be part of something with some form of emotion, but the verses were clearly written for a dance track and that shows through so much when you listen to this version. The verses simply don’t belong in an acoustic track.

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