OGAE Armenia: Sweden 12 points!

The Armenian OGAE club has revealed their votes.

They gave Sweden the 12 points, nothing new hehe, the 10 were for Italy, and the 8 for Cyprus!

Here are the full votes!

  • 12 Sweden
  • 10 Italy
  • 8 Cyprus
  • 7 Serbia
  • 6 Greece
  • 5 United Kingdom
  • 4 Russia
  • 3 Spain
  • 2 France
  • 1 Norway

And these are the current standings:

1.Sweden 113

2.Iceland 58

=.Serbia 58

4.Italy 47

5.Cyprus 45

6.Norway 39

7.Spain 38

8.Estonia 23

9.Russia 22

10.The Netherlands 19

11.Romania 17

12.France 16

13.Greece 15

14.Germany 13

=.United Kingdom 13

16.Switzerland 10

17.Denmark 9

18.Bosnia & Herzegovina 5

19.Slovakia 4

=.Slovenia 4

21.Macedonia 3

=.San Marino 3

=.Latvia 3

24.Albania 2

25.Ireland 1


14 comments on “OGAE Armenia: Sweden 12 points!

  1. These results doesn’t make me feel comfortable. Popularity among OGAE members does usually mean bad result in ESC for Sweden. But fingers crossed, of course. Armenia is missed, by the way.

    And yes, happy Walpurgis Night to everyone in Europe that might celebrate it!

    • Happy Walpurgis Night, Sir Shakespeare. Here in Germany it is a big thing only in the Northern states and in particular in the Brocken area. Further south it is mainly a welcome opportunity for yobbos to get drunk and work havoc. I have brought all potted plants from my front garden into the house because a few years ago they smashed all terracotta pots in the street … and this is a very quiet and bourgeois residential area … 😦

      • Such uncivilized behaviour, what kind of society are we living in nowadays? In Sweden, Walpurgis Night means bonfires and choir songs about May and spring (we have wonderful 16 degrees here right now), but also a lot of drunken teenagers making fools of themselves. Pity, it sounds like the situation is the same im Germany. Intet er nytt under solen, as Åse Kleveland would have put it.

  2. @ Sir Shakespeare, isn’t it fantastic that there is an ESC line for almost every situation in life? Good night! 🙂

  3. @togravus

    Yes, it’s like a book full of wisdom. “Wat een geluk dat ik een stukje van de wereld ben” has almost become some sort of motto for me. 🙂

  4. @Marko

    Enjoyable places you have visited. Prague is a wonderful town (yes, it’s more like a town than a city), and the central part is thankfully conserved from skyscrapes and such ugly things. P:
    I personally love St. Nicholas Church in the Old Town, baroque nerd as I am, and the Charles bridge.

    Sounds strange with a Norwegian church called Wang. They have to keep an eye on it, though, so Varg Vikernes doesn’t burn it down. 😀

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