Lithuania: Donny Montell to perform with local stars!

The Lithuanian representative, Donny Montell will be giving a fundraising concert with local artists, LRT revealed.

Bukime kartu (Stay together) will be the name of the concert, LTV, LRT’s main channel will broadcast it.

Donny will be joined by:

  • Linas Adomaitis (Lithuania 2004)
  • Sasha Song (Eurovision 2009)
  • Monika Linkyte
  • Rosita Civilyte
  • Edmundas Seilius
  • Kristina Zmailaite
  • Kastytis Kerbedis
  • Justas Lapatinskas
  • Aiste Petkeviciute
  • LRT group led by Dainiaus Pulausko and gospel choir Sounds in G.

The money raised will fund Lithuania’s participation on Eurovision!


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