Introducing 2012: Norway!

All the entries for the 2012 contest have been selected and now My Eurovision Diary will introduce them to you!

Entrant: Tooji

Tooji Keshtkar was born in Shiraz in Iran in 1988. He had his first birthday whilst fleeing to Norway.

The family’s Persian traditions and roots have given Tooji strong references, both musically and personally. A good life with a close-knit family in a new country has influenced his upbringing and life choices since.

With a strong wish to express impressions and feelings Tooji has gone his own creative ways, and after art school and theatre school, it was finally music that became closest to Tooji’s heart.

In addition to devoting himself to his passions, the experience of working in kindergartens and with after-school-activities, young people and asylum seekers, has given Tooji an even more important mission in life: To give a voice to those who would otherwise not have been heard.

Some choices have been more important than others, and working with refugees in asylum centres has made its mark on him.

-“I was incredibly happy that I had my family here, a comfy bed, food and a roof over my head. At the same time it made me very sad too see all these people, children and youngsters, with so much misery and sadness in their eyes. It put things into perspective.”

Tooji completed his studies in child protection, and he now works as a child protection consultant in the department of after-care, a job he finds intense and socially important, challenging and vital. In encounters with youngsters the problems are often similar, regardless of where they come from.

-“When I dedicated myself to causes and people I wanted to help, I knew the political arguments, the rules and regulations – but nobody listened. It was so frustrating! My devotion alone wasn’t enough, and that became an important motivational factor in my burning wish to get a voice that someone would listen to.”

To Tooji it’s all about music making it possible. Music is the driving force. Music can provide Tooji with a chance to be heard.

Entry: Stay

For the second year in a row Norway sends a song that has nothing to do with their culture, which is good because it shows that there is a big diversity. Anyway let’s talk about Stay, shortly after the song was selected, it topped the iTunes charts and became a hit all over Europe.

The song comprises both techno and ethnic styles, it is a really good mix.

Stay was composed and penned by Tooji, Figge Boström & Peter Boström.

Tomorrow we will introduce the Bosnian entry, note that the entries will be introduced according to the running order!



7 comments on “Introducing 2012: Norway!

  1. Oh my, Norway has really lost it since Alexander Rybak’s victory. First a dull and pompous ballad, then a nice and happy song performed by a sweet lady who could not sing a single note live and now this predictable and generic act. I do not really know where to begin describing how weak it is imo, the lyrics f. e.?

    “Start moving to the rhythm, heart is pumping the beat […] It’s like I’m losing all control You know it’s making me hot and baby I don’t stop”

    The music? A lame beat with some oriental touches. A break before the final climax of the song. Yawn! As always televoters won’t care about quality and support Norway because of the hot and shake it! factors. Give me a break! 3/12 (I don’t really know why … perhaps because I can listen to it as long as I do something else at the same time.) and 37th place on my pre-rehearsals list.

  2. I think it was a wise choice by Norway to choose this song. People in Europe like this kind of simple dance pop.

    That doesn’t mean I like it. Quite the opposite, it’s exactly this kind of music I can’t stand, a braindead dance track pumped up with clichés, and it reminds me of “In the club” (yes, it’s the same song writers). This is the worst Norwegian entry since… well… Brandenburger Tor.

  3. “Sir Sheakespeare”? The name is out of joint; O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right. Much ado about nothins, some would say, but well, my name is a tower of strength.

    Yes, I will cut these Shakespearean recitations from now and on. 😉

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