OGAE Spain: Sweden 12 points!

The Spanish OGAE Club has revealed their votes.
They gave the 12 points to Sweden, surprise surprise, then they gave the 10 points to Italy, and they gave the 8 points to Serbia.
This is how they voted:
  • 12 Sweden
  • 10 Italy
  • 8 Serbia
  • 7 Noway
  • 6 Germany
  • 5 Cyrpus
  • 4 Romania
  • 3 Iceland
  • 2 Denmark
  • 1 Estonia
And these are the current standings:

1. Sweden 77

2. Iceland 48

3. Serbia 43

4. Spain 35

5. Cyprus 27

6. Italy 24

7. Norway 17

8. Romania 16

9. Estonia 14

=.  Russia 11

=. Switzerland 11

12. France 11

13. The Netherlands 10

=. Germany 10

15. Greece 9

=. Denmark 9

17. United Kingdom 7

18. Slovakia 4

19. San Marino 3

=. Macedonia 3

=. Latvia 3

22. Albania 2

23. Finland 1


7 comments on “OGAE Spain: Sweden 12 points!

  1. I think the favorite for most of the countries is Sweden… Well, at least is a fabulous song and I really really like it! Go Sweden! Go Euphoria!

  2. Our OGAE will give 12 to Sweden me thinks, even with all those popular singers in Ex Yugo countries…Loreen is too POWERFUL this year, it will be very boring voting, she will get 90% of 12 points in Baku! MARK MY WORDS! I also think she will have more points than Rybak!

    Escstats results:
    1. SWEDEN 10534
    2. SPAIN 6349
    3. ICELAND 6048
    4. SERBIA 5505
    5. ITALY 5211
    6. CYPRUS 5157
    7. NORWAY 4877
    8. GERMANY 3784
    9. GREECE 5339
    10. SLOVENIA 3534

  4. I’m also close to think that Turkey will give 12 to Loreen instead of Azerbaijan, but maybe that is wrong, we will see… Greece will give to Cyprus and Cyprus to Greece 12, I think 100%!

  5. Loreen will get 12 pts from OGAE Germany too but everyone else here more or less makes fun of Sweden 2012. Italy will get the 10 pts and Iceland the 8 pts. Serbia and the UK are fighting for the 7 pts.

  6. Well, if someone is interested; I’ll give a review of the last Swedish preview show. They reviewed the second half of the first semi and result was like this:

    Cyprus 20
    Russia 19
    Denmark 17
    Israel 12
    Hungary 11
    Ireland 10
    Austria 7
    Moldova 7
    San Marino 1

    Israel was the big love-or-hate entry. Thomas Lundin gave it top marks while Måns Zelmerlöw called it the some of the worst he’s ever heard (and Lena Philipsson revealed her clownophobia because of the music video). Thomas would later call Ralph Siegel “horrible” and asked Christer Björkman if there is any possibility to ban him from ESC. The babushkis melted everybody’s heart and did even make Lena cry a little. The girls were disgusted by “Woki mit deim Popo” while the guys somehow liked it… More conflicts when Thomas praised the Moldovan entry while everybody else disliked it, and finally we were told that “Waterline” was a twice rejected MF-entry, originally written for Eric Saade. Christer Björkman hoped that he didn’t have to face a new “Denmark 2010”, another rejected MF entry which in the end got a much better place than Sweden.

    Finally, they did choose their second favourite Eurovision entry, and Lena chose “I see a star” with Mouth & MacNeal, since it was one of the first plates she ever bought. Musical artist Lisette chose “Som en vind”, the Swedish entry of 1990, which Björkman couldn’t understand at all.

    • Thanks a lot. Thomas Lundin seems to be the only one coming anywhere near my taste. Cyprus, Russia … oh my, I hope that Sweden’s ESC jury will think differently.

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